PATC District Managers

 Trail District  District Manager(s) (click on names to send an email)            
 Pennsylvania AT  David Trone, Pete Brown    
 Pennsylvania AT Side Trails  David Trone, Pete Brown    
 Maryland AT  David House    
 Maryland AT Side Trails  David House    
 Antietam National Battlefield Park  Mary Ann Lepore, Meredith Matczak    
 Catoctin  Rush Williamson    
 Virginia North AT  Chris Brunton, Rob Lamar    
 Virginia North AT Side Trails  Chris Brunton, Rob Lamar    
 Virginia South AT  Jon Rindt, Maston Gray    
 Virginia South AT Side Trails  Jon Rindt, Maston Gray    
 Shenandoah National Park North AT  Wayne Limberg    
 Shenandoah National Park North Blue Trails   Noel Freeman    
 Shenandoah National Park Central AT   Scott Christensen, Mike Hiller    
 Shenandoah National Park Central Blue Trails (north section)  Patrick Wilson, Eugene "Buz" Groshong, Josh Fuchs    
 Shenandoah National Park Central Blue Trails (south section)       John Hedrick, Matt Murray    
 Shenandoah National Park South AT  Dave Bowen, Patti McInerney    
 Shenandoah National Park South Blue Trails   Jim Surdukowski    
 Pennsylvania Tuscarora Trail (north section)  Chris Firme, David Trone, Pete Brown    
 Pennsylvania Tuscarora Trail (south section)   Chris Firme, David Trone, Pete Brown    
 Pennsylvania Tuscarora Trail Side Trails  Chris Firme, David Trone, Pete Brown    
 Tuscarora Trail Central  Bill Greenan     
 Tuscarora Trail South  John Stacy    
 Massanutten North  Anstr Davidson    
 Massanutten South  Paul Boisen    
 Great North Mountain  Mike Allen    
 North River  Lynn and Malcolm Cameron    
 DC Metro  Alex Sanders, Brian Opdyckel    
 MD Montgomery County Parks & Cabin John Trail  Lynn Gallagher    
 MD C&O (Palisades) National Historic Park  Martha Becton    
 Wolf Trap National Park  Alan Day    
 Great Falls Virginia & Turkey Run Park  Pete Neal, Tom McNulty, Alan Day    
 Bull Run-Occoquan Trail  Robert Fina    
 Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania  Peter Hedrich    
 Prince William Forest Park  Mark Ellis    
 Manassas National Battlefield Park  John Price    
 Greater Manassas  Mike Custodio    
 Mutton Hollow Trails
 Bill Holman    
 Monocacy Natural Resources Management Area  Jim Tomlin