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Advanced Reservations: If you wish to book more than sixty days in advance of the reservation, you must call the Cabin Coordinator at 703-242-0315 X 108 from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Please be aware that advanced reservations necessitate a three-night minimum stay and require advanced rates, at double the standard rates. The cancellation penalty is also more severe. 

Internet Explorer Unsupported: The reservation software does not function properly on Internet Explorer, so the availability calendar will appear blank. Please use a different browser (e.g. Chrome,Firefox, Safari, etc.) to view the availability calendar and reserve a cabin.    

  1. Read the Introduction to Cabins for basic information. This is especially important for first-time PATC cabin renters.
  2. Review the Rental Policies for general expectations regarding your responsibilities as a cabin renter  
  3. Accept our Cancellation & Refund Policies. See Accessing Cabins - Cautions and Hazards for more information.
  4. Preview the Cabins Map for the approximate geographic location of each cabin.
  5. Consult the Cabin Information & Rates Sheet for a look at each cabins' amenities, hike-in distance, maximum occupancy, rental rate, etc.
  6. Visit Select a Cabin for detailed information to help you choose the best rental option. Cautions and updates will be posted here, as well.  
  7. Check When to Reserve a Cabin to determine when standard rates become applicable (the 60th day). 
  8. Consult the Cabin Availability Chart** for an updated calendar view of rental opportunities. Unavailable nights will appear in black. 
  9. Questions? The Cabin FAQs may be able to help. Contact Us if you need further assistance. 

**Our availability calendar has been restored, but it will look and function somewhat differently.
Select or enter a date in the field above the calendar to check availability for the two weeks that follow. Be sure to click "Search."

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