Rosser Lamb Cabin

This primitive, two-story farmhouse, located adjacent to the Central District of SNP, was built by Hiram Lamb in 1915 and illustrates the lifestyle of the Appalachian residents prior to the construction of SNP. There, you will find a screened porch, a kitchen with a wood stove, and separate living and dining spaces with their own fireplaces all on the first floor. On the second floor, two bedrooms include enough bunks and cots to sleep 12. Higher clearance vehicles are recommended to accommodate the dirt/gravel roads on the last stretch of the journey to the cabin. Small children are discouraged, due to the narrow, steep stairs to the second floor bedrooms. Hikers can seek out the nearby stream and waterfall or travel along John’s Rest Trail. 

For more information on this and other PATC cabins, we recommend acquiring and reading a copy of our PATC Cabins Book.

Rosser Lamb At a Glance


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Cabin Type


Pet Friendly







Near Shenandoah National Park, Entry Run (Map)

AT Access

3.0 miles


0.34 mile

Weekend Rate

$60.00 per night

Weeknight Rate

$40.00 per night

Notice: The living room wood stove is inoperable. As winter approaches, that portion of the house will become very cold at night. For this reason, we have decided to reduce the maximum occupancy to 6. The fireplace on the opposite side of the farmhouse will keep it comfortable inside.