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The Great Eastern Trail:
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            Our newest publication is the first guidebook to the 200 miles-plus of the Great Eastern Trail between SR55/US 48 and White Sulphur Springs, WV (I-64) in West Virginia and Virginia. The Great Eastern Trail, known as the GET, is a 1800 mile long trail leading from Alabama to New York made up of local trails linked to form a longer path; it parallels to the Appalachian Trail and in many ways is modelled after it, but set farther west and south. The trails making up the sections of the GET covered in this guidebook include part of the Allegheny Trail and part of the Tuscarora Trail. Between these trails is the Headwaters Section, a series of different Forest Service trails and roads largely on Shenandoah Mountain and North Mountain. Work towards completion of the GET, organized from the local trail clubs in 2007, is ongoing. Progress on the trail and trail updates can be followed in the newsletters found at 120 pages, 5 maps, 23 photographs Regular price $12.00 Discounted member price $9.60  

New edition of the PATC Cabins Book!

The 2018 edition of the PATC Cabins Book is now on our shelves. We have printed a new edition ahead of our expected schedule because of the popularity of the 2016 edition, which flew off our shelves. We took advantage of the need for additional copies to make a few corrections and clarification of the material in the 2016 version. (An example is the correction to the table in the distances of the hike-in to John’s Rest and Schairer cabins.) Owners of the 2016 edition should have no concerns – your version is not outdated! The remaining copies of the 2016 edition will be sold for $9 plus shipping, handling and tax. (To obtain this price, the order must be placed through an email to    


Tom Floyd tells the story of the people who struggled to build the Tuscarora Trail, a 250-mile hiking trail, to serve as backup or replacement for a lengthy section of the Appalachian Trail threatened by encroaching development. With the passage of the National Scenic Trails Act of 1968, the trail had protected status and its continuity was assured; nonetheless, the Keystone Trails Association and the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club determined to complete the work they had begun. This is the story of how the two trails - the Tuscarora Trail in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and the Big Blue Trail in Virginia and West Virginia - became the Tuscarora Trail. Floyd recounts the long quest to this end that began in Shenandoah National Park and George Washington National Forest, and then headed north to the top of Blue Mountain just west of the Susquehanna River and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In the story he tells, no part of planning or building the trail was easy; it entailed long months of scouting, poring over land records, writing letters to landholders and visiting them, seeking informal agreements or donations of lands, rights-of-way, and easements; and sometimes raising money to purchase forestlands, springs, and campsites. The volunteers broke trail, cleared thickets, moved stone, and built and shored up footway through rugged terrain. They built bridges, campsites, and shelters. The work didn't end there; once built, volunteers maintained the trail, rebuilt sections, bought more lands and easements, and rerouted parts of the trail to satisfy changes in landownership. These activities are never ending and continue on today as a renewed interest in the Tuscarora Trail is evident.
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The proceeds from every sale in our store are completely rolled back into our ongoing volunteer efforts to maintain trails, shelters, and cabins, as well as purchase land for the protection of trailheads and trail viewsheds. Unlike "for-profit" book sellers that pocket their profits, every purchase you make in this store supports your regional hiking and backpacking opportunities. Your dollars work twice as hard when you purchase through PATC.

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