Dispute Resolution Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy
Club Policy approved by council on 8 June 2004


The Club has a hierarchical structure, and Club supervisors, committee chairs, officers, and others tasked with furthering Club goals, may on occasion disagree with other volunteers who are working under their supervision.  Disputes among volunteers will be resolved at the lowest level possible - preferably between the parties to the disagreement.  If not resolved at the lowest level, the dispute can be elevated to higher levels within the Club, in a "chain of command" structure.


In the event the dispute continues without resolution, either party may refer the disagreement to the Vice President for Volunteerism.  All parties should indicate in writing the facts of the dispute as he or she sees them.  If unable to bridge the gap, the Vice President for Volunteerism shall appoint a mediator to attempt resolution.  The mediator may be a Club member, or may be an outside party with experience in dispute resolution.  The mediator appointed will be independent of the issue.  The facts in the case will be provided, and the mediator will attempt to contact both parties and interview them directly.


If the dispute continues without resolution after 30 days of mediator involvement, it will be referred to the executive committee for a decision, which will be final.


Note:  For trail volunteers, the chain of command goes from either:

For a work party or trail crew:  member of the work party or trail crew to the work trip or trail crew leader, to the SOT, to the Vice President for Operations.

For overseer work: overseer to his or her DM, to the SOT, to the Vice President for Operations.