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 What We Do  

Core Functions

Trail Management and Support 

  • Trail Patrol
  • Trail Crews & Maintainers
  • Cabin Crews
  • Shelter Crews

Community Engagement 

  • Hike Leadership
  • Cabin Rentals
  • Maps & Guidebooks
  • Fundraising & Public Relations
  • AT Communities

Education and Youth 

  • Classes & Workshops
  • Scout & Youth Experiences


  • Land Stewardship
  • Corridor Monitors
  • Naturalist Monitors


Classes & Workshops

We have 2 basic categories of classes & workshops…… 

Teaching our volunteers the skills necessary  to safely do trail building & maintenance

Every year, hundreds of PATC volunteers cut or reroute miles of trails. Fallen trees are removed with chainsaws, crosscut saws and axes. Stone staircases and boulder stream crossings are built using winches, highlines and rigging gear. PATC classes and workshops teach the skills necessary to safely conduct these activities.

Teaching outdoor skills for the public

Our Trail Patrol is the education and outreach section of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club. Throughout the year, Trail Patrol offers a number of outdoor skills classes for the public. These classes include backpacking, hike leadership, Leave No Trace and outdoor ethics, and CPR and backcountry first aid.   Additionally, our volunteers teach classes at your local REI.

Visit Our Calendar for scheduled classes & workshops.

Scout & Youth Experiences

PATC has a long-standing tradition of participation in Eagle Scout projects and other volunteerism opportunities for youths. To facilitate your requests, please be prepared to provide the following information: 

  1. Group size and ages of your crew, including number of adult leaders.
  2. Timeframe for your planned trip (At least 2 months advance notice requested)
  3. Type of work requested (i.e. light duty such as pruning and weeding, clearing branches and small trees off trail, etc. – or heavy duty such as trail tread work with tools, etc.) 

WHAT YOU SHOULD PROVIDE: Transportation to and from the work site; Work gloves, safety glasses or goggles, sturdy hiking boots, and your own provisions for the day; a signed responsibility statement (available from PATC or your project leader.)

For more info, contact our PATC Scout Liaison Rush Williamson at (301) 424-7132 or by email.