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A highlight of PATC’s virtual Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 14, 7:00 p.m., is to recognize outstanding achievement made on behalf of the Club. 

Our Volunteer Awards are listed below. You may view all 
Past Award Recipients.

Awards for Members Nominated by Club Leaders
Please Submit Nominations by October 27, 2023

HAWKSBILL AWARD:  The Hawksbill award 
recipient is a member who has shown outstanding volunteer performance over the last year. Only one recipient from each group above can be selected.  Recipients cannot be their current leader or a member of ExCom.
Use this link to nominate Hawksbill awardees.


SERVICE AWARD: The Service Award recipient(s) is a member with outstanding volunteer service over the past year. There is no limit to the number of service awards presented.  Each leader determines the criteria. Leaders may not select herself/himself for this award but may be selected by another individual who considers that Leader an outstanding volunteer.
Use this link to nominate Service awardees. 

Awards for Members Nominated by Members
Deadline for Major Award Nominations has Passed for 2023

MYRON AVERY AWARD: Named after one of PATC’s co-founders, this award is the highest honor presented by the Club to one member each year for outstanding volunteer activity. The activity can be in any area of the Club exemplifying truly extraordinary effort. Myron Avery Award nominees may not be a current ExCom member or former Myron Avery Award recipient.  The recipient’s name is added to the PATC headquarters Myron Avery plaque. 

is typically for long-time members who have contributed to the Club over a significant period, been involved with multiple areas of the Club and have shown outstanding volunteer performance. They will be a Life Member with no further membership dues required.  

The PATC Lifetime Achievement Award 
is like the Honorary Life Membership Award and recognizes individuals who have significantly furthered the mission of the Club, but who have either passed away or who are already Life Members. Nominees typically have contributed to many areas of the Club and/or have shown outstanding performance over many years.  

Award for Non-Members Nominated by Members and Employees

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Presented to a non-member for a fixed amount of time (up to and including a Life Member) for making significant contributions to the Club. Recipients receive full member privileges but cannot vote, run, or hold an elected officer position for the time awarded

Award for (Primarily) Non-Members Nominated by Members and Employees

APPRECIATION AWARD: Primarily for non-members or groups who have contributed to the Club and its mission in an impactful manner. Recipients can include federal, state, or local government officials who have assisted the Club, individuals who have donated land or facilities to the Club, retired PATC employees, or anyone who has helped the Club in a significant way. 


Award for Members or Non-Members Nominated by Members and Employees

YOUTH AWARD:  This award is presented to an individual or group of individuals under 19, that has contributed to the Club and its mission