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The PATC is fortunate to have diverse and supportive partners and affiliates, ranging from federal agencies, state and local governments to non-profit organizations and businesses.

The club has partnerships with several government agencies to conduct its trail maintenance activities. These agencies include the National Park Service’s Appalachian Trail Park Office and the Shenandoah National Park as well as other National Park Service and National Forest Service units and local agencies in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  To see the trails we maintain, visit this page.

The club’s primary non-profit partner is the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  Our relationship with the ATC goes back to the beginnings of the club and the Appalachian Trail. The club also cooperates with other groups that promote trails and outdoor recreation.

The club has also been the beneficiary of grants from several corporate donors.  The club leverages that support with the work of its many volunteers to enhance outdoor recreation in the mid-Atlantic region.  The club thanks all who have supported it over the years.