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 What We Do  

Core Functions

Trail Management and Support 

  • Trail Patrol
  • Trail Crews & Maintainers
  • Cabin Crews
  • Shelter Crews

Community Engagement 

  • Hike Leadership
  • Cabin Rentals
  • Maps & Guidebooks
  • Fundraising & Public Relations
  • AT Communities


  • Classes & Workshops


  • Land Stewardship
  • Corridor Monitors
  • Naturalist Monitors


Hike Leadership

PATC is a hiking club that also maintains the trails in our territory.  We provide:
  • detailed information on Places to Hike, including associated Maps & Guidebooks
  • publish hikes on Our Calendar with PATC hiking groups as well as other hiking clubs in our territory
Cabin Rentals

PATC volunteers maintain cabins for the use of PATC members and the public. The cabins range from primitive, with no plumbing or electricity, to modern…. many only available for rental by PATC members.  
The cabins have rich histories…..some were the homes of early settlers; others were built by the club or forest rangers and the Civilian Conservation Corps; a few were personal family retreats that have been donated to the club by their owners/PATC members.  Now the cabins offer the opportunity for PATC members and the public to enjoy the woods and mountains along the Appalachian Trail, other hiking trails and forests in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, creating their own memories.

We maintain & preserve these cabins through rental income.   Check our Our Cabins. 

Maps & Guidebooks

PATC Maps have been an active part of the club since its founding in 1927.  In the years since, the organization has earned a reputation for the accuracy and utility of the maps that the PATC produces.  Trail maps are regularly reviewed, edited and revised, to include alterations in hiking routes and other features.

Our series of Appalachian Trail guidebooks are widely used by long distance and section hikers.  The guides typically include detailed information about the AT and the network of side trails associated with the Maine-to-Georgia route.  In addition to the AT guidebooks, the club publishes hiking guides to trails in the Massanutten range, the Tuscarora Trail, Great North Mountain, and the Pedlar District of the G.W. National Forest.  These updates require volunteers in the field and editors in the office.
For the regional hiker, we publish regional circuit hikes, climbers' guides, and guides to sites of historic interest.

All PATC Maps & Guidebooks are created and maintained by volunteers & you can see them in detail at Our Store

Fundraising & Public Relations

While the club relies primarily on its army of enthusiastic volunteers, PATC also requires substantial financial resources.  Land purchases, tool replacements, training needs, building materials, and headquarters upkeep are just a few of the significant issues that require reliable sources of funding in addition to our membership fees.    Our fundraisers write grant proposals, publicizes our efforts to the donating public & to other charitable organization in particular.  
Volunteers with experience in grant-writing and fundraising are sought, but all enthusiastic volunteers are encouraged to join our work.  We'll provide the training and assistance.   If you are interested, visit Get Involved.

AT Communities
There are 6 AT Communities in PATC territory….communities who promote & protect the trail as well as support hikers & their specific needs. 
For more detail, visit Our Community Partners.