Volunteer Work Hours Reporting

New Worktrip Reporting System is Here!

New Volunteer Reporting System

image of participants in 1935 PATC worktripWe're thrilled to announce that the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club has rolled out a brand-new volunteer reporting system. This upgrade offers streamlined interfaces for reporting your volunteer hours across many categories: Trail maintenance, Cabin and Shelter maintenance, Lands, Hikes, and other activities like headquarters and committee work.

We encourage every member to embrace this user-friendly platform. Remember, the time you volunteer makes a significant impact on the club's mission, so make sure to report all your work. The new application makes it much easier to report on your phone wherever you have a data connection, so you can now report volunteer time as soon as you have a signal!

Report your hours!  It's important.

PATC members contribute thousands of volunteer hours annually. Keeping track of these contributions is important to both the club and our various partners, who factor our contributions into their management plans.

The forms linked to the right record your work hours and comments in our database and send the information to the appropriate PATC and government officials.

Please make sure to keep track of your volunteer contributions, and report your work in a timely fashion. 


Hours need to be submitted before October 3 of each year. Please report any problems to Web Support