Support Your Club: Give to PATC 2018 

What a year of extreme weather we have had! NOAA reports that July-September was the wettest on record for our region and we experienced numerous severe windstorms this spring. All of those storms not only thwarted numerous weekend excursions to our cabins, postponed many a hike, and delayed many work trips, but left us with a long list of clean-up projects, significantly-eroded trails and roads and leak-damaged structures.

The extreme weather has brought into focus the vulnerable nature of many of our roads and parking areas which form the backbone for our access for cabins, trail maintenance, and hiking. Getting up and down the dozens of mountain roads we use requires significant grading, culvert replacement and renovation. Much of this contracted work requires equipment and services which translates to money. Fixing leaking roofs is one of the many duties that come with maintaining the over-100 cabins and shelters for which we have responsibility as well as our headquarters building in Vienna, but in a year like this, the challenge gets amplified.

All this on top of our goal to continue to be prepared to take advantage of opportunities like the recently-approved Calf Mountain land purchase where, through the generosity of the ATC Trail Landscape Partnership Program, Virginia conservation easement tax credits and contributions from other concerned donors, we can take another important step to protect the corridor of the AT. Again, it takes money above and beyond our normal operating budget to do projects like this.

Projects Completed and Targeted:

     Road/Culvert Repair
          Schairer Trail Center
          The Vining Tract
          Mutton Hollow (Vining Cabin)
          Rosser Lamb and John’s Rest cabins
          Lambert, Huntley and Tulip Tree cabins

      Cabin Roof Repair
          Anna Michener
          Little Orleans
      HQ Roof Repair

      Trail Lands Fund
          Calf Mountain AT Corridor project      

Entry Run Trailhead Parking bridge destoyed 
At Entry Run Trailhead parking, floodwaters on Collects Run destroyed the earthen bridge and culvert by which hikers and John's Rest Cabin renters crossed the stream.

As a PATC supporter who understands our challenges of responding to unusual events like this year’s storms, please consider making a tax-deductible gift toward these types of projects. Your contribution of $100, $50, or the amount of your choice will help PATC continue its mission of maintaining and protecting the AT and other trails and related facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region. Thank you.