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PATC manages 45 three-sided overnight shelters. These include 30 located on the A. T. between Pine Grove Furnace, PA & Rockfish Gap, VA and 14 on the Tuscarora Trail.  All of the shelters are maintained by club volunteers.  If you want to get involved with shelter maintenance, contact Henry Horn, the chair of the Shelters Committee.

Help Needed! The Shelter Crew needs more agile bodies to help with repair projects this spring. More work will continue at Rod Hollow Shelter, and the crew needs additional people to help carry in supplies. Vinnie the mule may be helping with this project also. The Shelter Crew will be re-roofing the Tom Floyd Wayside, and supplies need to be carried in there also, but it is all downhill. Henry Horn the shelter chair has a week day crew, and another one that works on the weekends. If you are interested contact Henry at Shelters@patc.net, or call 301-498-8254.

Please view our list of shelters on the Appalachian Trail and Tuscarora Trail

Charlie Irvin ShelterMeditation Room