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PATC offers numerous recreational opportunities using the 1000+ miles of trails in the parks & forests of the Mid-Atlantic region.
Check out Our Calendar or Current Events  for  hiking activities  sponsored by PATC members as well as other local hiking groups. 

Visit the links below or Our Calendar to find specific activities and contact info 

PATC GROUP                                             DESCRIPTION
 • PATC Hiking Meetup Group Outdoor        Outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life together; hiking, backpacking, camping, trail maintenance
 • Vigorous Hikers                                      Tuesday hikes for any age in good physical condition; avg 16mi & 3000ft climb
 • Easy Hikers                                           Wednesday hikes of 3-5 miles in length; see our Calendar for more info
 • Midweek Hikers                                      PATC members providing day hiking with multiple options for each hike, i.e. 7 mile or 14 mile
 • Family Hikes                                          Hikes with interest as well as duration suitable for familes & children
 • Natural History Hikes                              Led & sponsored by Shenandoah National Park or PATC members
 • AT Community: Waynesboro PA             2nd Saturday hikes usually around 4 miles in length

 • Special Interest Groups                           PATC Special Interest Groups  
    PATC Mountaineering
    PATC Skiing

Other Local Hiking Organizations

Sierra Club Potomac
A special activities section of the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter that organizes hikes and other events for the general public on behalf of the Sierra Club's Washington, DC chapter

Founded in 1934, the Wanderbirds Hiking Club is a non-profit, all-volunteer club that organizes at least 2 day-hikes every Sunday, year-round, for energetic folks in the Washington, DC area.  Membership not required to hike. 

Capital Hiking Club
Local hiking club with options for all skill levels, 52 weeks a year including destination hiking.   Public welcome.  

KTA Hiking Federation
Keystone Trails Association is a federation or group of different Pennsylvania hiking clubs & individuals who advocate to protect the trails of PA

Mountain Club of Maryland
The oldest hiking club in Maryland, a Baltimore-based group offering hiking options mid-week & weekends of differing distance & difficulty.   Also maintain portions of the Appalachian Trail & other regional trails.