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Hike with those who built and manage the trails! The PATC hike program is run by the same organization that built and maintains many of the hiking trails in this area.

PATC hikes are conducted by trained hike leaders. The hikes offer various levels of difficulty and distance. PATC hikes are an opportunity to understand the club and its important trail maintenance work. You need not be a PATC member to hike with us, but we hope you will consider joining after getting to know us. Come join us on the trails!

This website has all you need to know about our hiking program. To learn more, follow the links below:

 - About the hike program
 - Upcoming hikes
 - Sign up for a hike - PATC Hikes Meetup Group
 - Hiking groups
 - Become a hike leader 
 - For hike leaders only (under revision - sign in required)


The first stated purpose of PATC is "to support and encourage the ... proper recreational use of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and other trails".  This is done partly through the sponsorship of hikes on trails in PATC's area and on other trails. 

The club has a wide-ranging hiking program which includes local area hikes and excursions into other geographical areas. Hikes can range from short, close-in day hikes to extended excursions. Hikes can be for physical conditioning, social interaction, nature walks, history lessons, to reach a viewpoint, or any of a number of purposes. The club encourages a wide variety of hikes, and provides training and support to hike leaders.
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See our calendar for full descriptions and more hikes.
Also visit our Charlottesville Chapter and Southern Shenandoah Chapter for regional chapter hikes.
Hike DateHike NameContactContact email
Jan 29 2020 10:15AMEasy Hikers--C&O Canal and Potomac BridgesKathryn Powers 202-544-7777kkpowers_dc@yahoo.com
Feb 4 2020 8:30AMVigorous Hikers - Piney Ridge–AT–Hull School Trail Loop.Marshall Wilsonmarshallwilson770@gmail.com
Feb 5 2020 10:15AMEasy Hikers--Greenbelt Park, Greenbelt MDJennifer Newton 202/543-3039jennifernewton700@gmail.com
Feb 11 2020 8:30AMVigorous Hikers - AT, Neighbor Mt., Knob Mt. LoopBob Livezeybobbilbo@msn.com
Feb 12 2020 10:15AMEasy Hikers--Lincoln Cottage to Union Market, DCGary Abrecht, 202/546-6089. Mobile phone on day of hike: 202/365-2921.garyabrecht@gmail.com
Feb 15 2020 2:00PMS-Miles Hike: Native Plant Trail, Blandy Experimental FarmKristine Villatoroblueridge_patc@yahoo.com
Feb 16 2020 10:30AMHike Soldiers Delight - rescheduled from January 18 due to weatherLarry Broadwellbakpacker1@verizon.net
Feb 18 2020 8:30AMVigorous Hikers - Staunton River Trail LoopPhil Ayliffpayliff@gmail.com
Feb 19 2020 10:15AMEasy Hikers--Mount Vernon, VADick Rogers, 703/979-1270, cell on day of hike 703/862-7865. rogersrw@aol.com
Feb 25 2020 8:00AMVigorous Hikers - Cabin John Trail-Montgomery Cty. MDLou Hurwitzlou.nutshell@hotmail.com
Feb 26 2020 10:15AMEasy Hikers-- Seneca Creek State Park, Gaithersburg, MD Margaret Chapman, 301/977-8988 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., e-mail is preferred.MargtChapm@aol.com
Mar 3 2020 8:30AMVigorous hikers - MD AT half a ham Phil Ayliff 571-239-2846Payliff@gmail.com
Mar 4 2020 10:15AMEasy Hikers--Rock Creek Park TrailAyana Touval 301 493 8278touval@his.com
Mar 10 2020 8:30AMVigorous Hikers-AT, Compton Peak, Jenkins Gap, Hickerson HollowMike Christianimike@cptrllc.com
Mar 17 2020 8:30AMVigorous Hikers - Tuscarora to Three TopEd Cookveetee76@gmail.com
Mar 25 2020 10:15AMEasy Hikers--Roosevelt Island, Rosslyn VACarol Costello, cell on day of hike is 571-499-8037edwardcostello@comcast.net


 Vigorous Hikers   Tuesday hikes for any age in good physical condition; average 16 miles and 3000+ feet climb. 
 Easy Hikers    Wednesday hikes of 3-5 miles in length. Contact us at patceasyhikers@gmail.com to get added to our Easy Hikers email list.
 Midweek Hikers  
Wednesday hikes provided by PATC members, often with multiple options for each hike; e.g. 7 miles or 14 miles. Contact us at ed.brimberg@gmail.com to get added to our Midweek Hikers email list.
 Charlottesville Chapter    The Charlottesville Chapter hosts Saturday hikes in Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National Forest, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or in other regional areas.
 Southern Shenandoah Chapter    The SSV Chapter hikes several weekends each month. We also have a short hike one Wednesday each month. Most of our hikes are in the George Washington National Forest or Shenandoah National Park.
 Other PATC Hikes   Natural History hikes, Civil War Hikes, and other hikes of general interest may be run at any time. Look for such hikes on our Calendar.


 Sierra Club Potomac    A special activities section of the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter that organizes hikes and other events for the general public on behalf of the Sierra Club's Washington, DC chapter. 
 Wanderbirds     Founded in 1934, the Wanderbirds Hiking Club is a non-profit, all-volunteer club that organizes at least 2 day-hikes every Sunday, year-round, for energetic folks in the Washington, DC area.  Membership not required to hike.
 Capital Hiking Club    Local hiking club with options for all skill levels, 52 weeks a year including destination hiking.   Public welcome. 
 KTA Hiking Federation    Keystone Trails Association is a federation or group of different Pennsylvania hiking clubs & individuals who advocate to protect the trails of Pennsylvania.
 Mountain Club of Maryland    The oldest hiking club in Maryland, a Baltimore-based group offering hiking options mid-week & weekends of differing distance & difficulty.   Also maintain portions of the Appalachian Trail & other regional trails.

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PATC is expanding its hiking program and is in need of hike leaders to lead hikes in our area (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia).
If you have a special trail you would like to share or a special talent like photography, geology, botany, history, or other area in which you excel, consider leading a hike or a series of hikes.

If you are able to lead a hike, please let us know by emailing the Hikes Committee chair, at hikes@patc.net.  We will make sure you get all the information and material you need to lead a hike.

Leading a hike for PATC is a great way to familiarize both members and the general public of PATC and the work it does.

Thank you, and lets go on a hike!

Already a Trained Hike Leader and want to lead PATC hikes?
Contact the PATC Hikes Committee Chair  

Interested in PATC Hike Leader class?
Get more info on the PATC Hike Leader Class

Our Hikes Committee:
Rush Williamson, Chair
Deb Coleman
Chris Firme
Jeff Monroe
Emeline Otey

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