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The PATC is expanding its hiking program and is in need of hike leaders to lead hikes in our area (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia).
If you have a special trail you would like to share or a special talent like photography, geology, botany, history, or other area in which you excel, consider leading a hike or a series of hikes for the PATC. Your only qualification is your talent and your desire to lead and inform people on a hike.

If you are able to lead a hike, please let the PATC know by emailing the Hikes Committee chair, at hikes@patc.net.  We will make sure that the hike gets advertised, and you get all the information and material you need to lead a hike. Please let Lee know the where and when (what date) of the hike, and if the hike has a theme (photography, geology etc.)

Leading a hike for the PATC is a great way to familiarize both members and the general public of the PATC and the work it does.

Thank you and lets go on a hike.

Already a Trained Hike Leader and want to lead PATC hikes?
Contact the PATC Hikes Committee Chair  

Interested in PATC Hike Leader class?
Get more info on the PATC Hike Leader Class