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Picture of the productMap F: Great North Mountain-North Half (VA/WV)
(6th edition, 2016) PATC Map F features coverage of the Lee District of George Washington National Forest along the VA/WV state line. The front side shows northern half of the Lee District, including Sections 17 and 18 of the Tuscarora Trail from Capon Springs Road southwestward along Great North Mountain, then eastward to Little North Mountain and Fetzer Gap in VA. All maintained side trails are shown on the map, color-coded by blaze color. An inset map of Trout Pond Recreation Area is included. The back side shows the southern half of the Lee District and portions of the North River District, including the North Mountain Trail and all other maintained side trails. An elevation profile for T.T. sections 17 and 18 and a table of trails are included. Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistant synthetic stock in 5 colors on both sides with a scale of 1:63,360 and contour interval of 100 feet. The grid projection is the UTM system with lines plotted 1 kilometer apart. Datum: NAD 83. Shows geographic latitude/longitude grid lines at a 5-minute interval. All trails on this new edition were surveyed on the ground in 2013-2015 by PATC-trained volunteer GPS surveyors.

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Picture of the productMap L: Tuscarora Trail (Hancock MD to Capon Springs WV)
(4th edition, 2012) Covers West Virginia and Virginia Sections 11 through 16 (72.1 miles) of the Tuscarora Trail as described in the Guide to the South Half of the Tuscarora Trail. Scale 1:100,000. Contour interval 20 meters. Grids: 10,000-meter UTM Zone 17; geographic latitude/longitude, 7.5-minute interval. Datum NAD83. Shaded relief. Edition 4 is a new base map compiled from the latest GIS data that includes the recent relocation of the Tuscarora Trail in Sleepy Creek WMA and near Gore, VA; the addition of four new shelters; and indication of the future alignment of the T.T. along the ridge of Great North Mountain.

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Picture of the productGuide to Great North Mountain Trails
The Third Edition (2017) of the Guide to Great North Mountain Trails is now available. This edition, edited by Glenn Palatini, and its predecessor are primarily updates of the First Edition prepared by the late Wil Kohlbrenner. He is due recognition for the foundation of this work. The guide includes detailed descriptions of more than 40 trails along the Virginia-West Virginia border in the Lee Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest. The area covered in this guide corresponds to the area covered on PATC map F. In addition to trail descriptions and mileage diagrams, the guide provides an historical overview of sites along the trails, which include iron blast furnaces, charcoal hearths, and chimney stones. The photographs in this edition were provided by Richard Stromberg and Ed Brimberg. Ed also provided updates to the mileage diagrams; Brian Goudreau provided the GPS coordinates.

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Picture of the productTuscarora Trail Map Set (Maps F, G, J, K, and L)
Get this 5 PATC map set covering the amazing Tuscarora Trail. From the northern trailhead where the Appalachian Trail crests over the Blue Mountain, northwest of Harrisburg, PA to the southern trailhead at the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the North District of Shenandoah National Park, this map set will guide you every mile of the way. All PATC maps are printed on water-resistant, tear-resistant synthetic stock in 6 colors. Set includes Map J, Map K, Map L, Map F, and Map G.

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Picture of the productCircuit Hikes in Virginia, West Va., Maryland, and Pa.
(10th edition, 2019). This guide, known by many as simply the 4-States book, includes many of the iconic hikes found in our beautiful mid-Atlantic region. Two things that make this edition so special are that all of the inside photos, 27 of them by editors Larry Broadwell and William Needham, are in color, and it has a stunning cover photo reflecting fall in Hazel Country by Barbara Southworth, used with her permission. As in prior editions, the guide features 25 circuit routes in the four-state area complete with trailhead GPS coordinates using the NAD83 system, and a detailed topographic map by Dave Pierce for each route. Three of the entries are entirely new. Others have been revised to vary routes described in prior years. Still others have been updated to reflect reroutes, historical research, and more. While some of the circuits are less familiar than others, all comprise a dayhiker's dream book.

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Picture of the productThe Great Eastern Trail - Between SR 55/US 48 and I-64
(First edition, 2018). Our newest publication is the first guidebook to the 200 miles-plus of the Great Eastern Trail between SR55/US 48 and White Sulphur Springs, WV (I-64) in West Virginia and Virginia. The Great Eastern Trail, known as the GET, is a 1800 mile long trail leading from Alabama to New York made up of local trails linked to form a longer path; it parallels to the Appalachian Trail and in many ways is modelled after it, but set farther west and south. The trails making up the sections of the GET covered in this guidebook include part of the Allegheny Trail and part of the Tuscarora Trail. Between these trails is the Headwaters Section, a series of different Forest Service trails and roads largely on Shenandoah Mountain and North Mountain. Work towards completion of the GET, organized from the local trail clubs in 2007, is ongoing. Progress on the trail and trail updates can be followed in the newsletters found at
120 pages, 5 maps, 23 photographs

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(2nd edition, 2021) The second edition of the Shenandoah Mountain Trails: A Guide to Trails on Shenandoah Mountain in Rockingham Augusta, and Highland Counties Virginia, has been updated by guidebook author, Timothy Hupp and co-editors Lynn and Malcolm Cameron, with updated maps by Dave Pierce and design by Alan Kahan; the new edition now includes the Confederate Breastwork Trail, and omits some relocated trails that are not yet on the map. Shenandoah Mountain, part of the Allegheny Mountain Range, is located west of the Shenandoah Valley in the North River Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest; and extends 72-miles northeast to southwest from Hardy County, WV to Bath County, VA. The guidebook covers the central section of Shenandoah Mountain between Rt. 33 and Rt. 250 in western Rockingham, Augusta, and Highland Counties. This large wild area has a network of over 150 miles of trails, many of which were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The trails range from long, challenging hikes to short, easy hikes suitable for families with children. Numerous loop hikes and shuttle hikes in addition to out and return destination hikes are laid out in the guide book. Since the Shenandoah Mountain area is National Forest, the trails are multi-use, with hunters, mountain bikers, and horseback riders sharing most of the trails. Mountain bikes are not permitted in Wilderness.
This second edition (2021) has 56 pages, 6 maps, and 18 photographs.

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Picture of the productThese Hills Were Home
(2nd. ed. 2022) The second edition of These Hills Were Home: A Walking History Guide to The Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Green and Western Madison County, Virginia, is now available. Seemingly effortlessly, the author Kristie Kendall combines three elements to provide a unique walking guide: she provides maps and text that lay out clear directions for following walking paths as they wind past the remains of homes and other structures and a varied array of artifacts reflecting life as it was live on the mountain, all of which is given more substance through her detailed descriptions and the many photographs of the people who lived there and their activities.

Kristie’s love and respect for the people who once lived in this area is evident in her writing. She reminds readers at several points that the sites described in the book are the places where generations of mountain families lived out their lives, and should be treated with respect and left undisturbed. The second edition includes several new trails and six additional photos.

*Quotes taken from About this Book, page 1.

The book, 136 pages, includes 103 photographs and 12 maps. Retail price $16.00; discounted member price $12.80

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Picture of the productDiary of a Trail
Tom Floyd tells the story of the people who struggled to build the Tuscarora Trail, a 250-mile hiking trail, to serve as backup or replacement for a lengthy section of the Appalachian Trail threatened by encroaching development. With the passage of the National Scenic Trails Act of 1968, the trail had protected status and its continuity was assured; nonetheless, the Keystone Trails Association and the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club determined to complete the work they had begun. This is the story of how the two trails - the Tuscarora Trail in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and the Big Blue Trail in Virginia and West Virginia - became the Tuscarora Trail. Floyd recounts the long quest to this end that began in Shenandoah National Park and George Washington National Forest, and then headed north to the top of Blue Mountain just west of the Susquehanna River and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In the story he tells, no part of planning or building the trail was easy; it entailed long months of scouting, poring over land records, writing letters to landholders and visiting them, seeking informal agreements or donations of lands, rights-of-way, and easements; and sometimes raising money to purchase forestlands, springs, and campsites. The volunteers broke trail, cleared thickets, moved stone, and built and shored up footway through rugged terrain. They built bridges, campsites, and shelters. The work didn't end there; once built, volunteers maintained the trail, rebuilt sections, bought more lands and easements, and rerouted parts of the trail to satisfy changes in landownership. These activities are never ending and continue on today as a renewed interest in the Tuscarora Trail is evident.

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Picture of the productHiker's Guide to Civil War Trails in the Mid-Atlantic Region
(2nd edition, 2022) The Hiker’s Guide to Civil War Trails in the Mid-Atlantic Region includes 26 day hikes around battlefields, along lines of march, and through defensive works. Each hike is accompanied by a simple but clear topographical map and trail description as well as historical information and the significance of events that happened along the path the hike follows. The second edition includes several new routes and revisions to nearly every route from the first edition to provide new perspectives. Most of the hikes are circuits; point to point hikes may require a car shuttle or a reverse hike back to the starting point. This guide is 228 pages, with 26 maps and 37 photos.

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Picture of the productMonongahela National Forest Hiking Guide
(9th edition, revised 2018) The definitive guide to hiking the Mountain State, assembled by Alan DeHart and Bruce Sundquist for the West Virginia Highland Conservancy. An extensive guide covering nearly all the hiking trails in the Forest. Includes road maps. If you intend to extensively hike or backpack in the mountains of West Virginia, this is the guide you want.

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