Upcoming Events

Event DateCategoryEvent
Dec 5 2020 4:30PMMeetingNew Member Meeting - Virtual
Dec 6 2020 9:30AMTrail WorkTrail Day at Sugarloaf Mountain
Dec 8 2020 7:00PMMeetingPATC Council Meeting - Virtual

What's Going on Here? If you have a news item for this page, please send it to communications@patc.net.

Work on the Turkey Run stairsInterested in learning more about the Appalachian Trail?  Visit this review of "Barbarian Utopia" by PATC's Supervisor of Communications.

New Parking Lot 
Area Opens at Old Rag Mountain: 
Visit this link for the story.

Interactive Cabins Map Now Available:
Thanks to the efforts of the PATC GPS Rangers and GIS Committee, we have created an interactive map to help club members and the public learn more about PATC rental cabins.  If you’ve never used an interactive map, follow the tips outlined here to become familiar with the layout.  We hope you enjoy using this application to learn more about the Club and its many cabins! We look forward to producing more exciting, interactive maps in the future. Please provide feedback to: cabincoordinator@patc.net.

Project on Potomac Heritage Trail:
The club has taken on the important task of fixing the very-dangerous stairs at Turkey Run Park. These stairs lead to a beautiful part of the Potomac Heritage Trail. This trail provides scenic hiking inside the Beltway. Robert Fina is leading a lengthy project to upgrade the stairs.  For more about the project and news of a Cadillac Crew and Potomac Crew work trip: More Information

New Chapter: A group of folks in Round Hill, Front Royal, and areas near there are forming a proposed Blue Ridge Chapter.  If you want to join their cause, go to the group’s website or send an e-mail.

Annual Meeting 2019Annual Members Meeting — Volunteers Celebrated and Constitutional Amendment Approved: 
The club held its annual members meeting on November 20.  Both the club and its members were honored for their volunteer work.  The amendment to the club’s constitution was approved.  Report and list of awardees

Leave No Trace: LNT classes for trainers will be offered four times in 2020. More information and to register

PATC Is Honored: 
The club received the Forest Service's Enduring Service award in recognition of 90 years of volunteer work in the National Forest.  Read more about it

Stone Workers Needed:
The Deans Gap shelter, built by Earl Shaffer in the 1950s, will be rebuilt at the AT Museum in Pennsylvania. See how you can help reconstruct this historic part of AT lore.   More information

Report an Incident on the AT:
The Appalachian Trail Conservancy has developed a page to explain whom to contact if there is a problem or emergency on the AT.  While this information is specific to the AT, its advice should be helpful in other situations: ATC Incident Reporting

Shelter Maintenance Help Needed: There are several shelters in need of repair. It's a big job, but you can help. More information

The Club's  Earliest History: The Blackburn family makes another contribution to the PATC by sending the club's first account book.  Read the story by Archivist  Tom Johnson

Shutterbugs Wanted!  We need your help in telling PATC’s story. Send us your photos! Learn more.

PATC Council Reform:  The Council decided at its August meeting to clarify its membership. Who is on Council?  That question can now be answered!  For more information, read the explanation of the reform. Council members are here.

PATC in the News:  WHSV-TV3 in Harrisonburg, Virginia recently ran a story about PATC trail maintenance on Great North Mountain, highlighting Pete Taylor and other members of the Stonewall Brigade. This shows that if you go to a work trip, you can get on television! Watch the story

Raven Rocks Trailhead pakring
The CCC Improves Trail Building: In another article prompted by old photos recently received by the club, Tom Johnson discusses the impact of the Civilian Conservation Corps on early efforts to build the Appalachian Trail.  Tom's article

Walt Smith Walt Smith: We are saddened to learn that former president, honorary life member, and great person Walt Smith has died. Memorial service arrangements are now available. More information and remembrance

Land and Water Conservation Fund:
This important source of funding for trails and other recreational resources needs to be renewed.  See what you can do to help.

Photos from the Past:
We recently received several albums of photos of PATC activities from the '30s and '40s. Tom Johnson gives us a taste of the history that these photos record. Read  Tom's article.

Anniversary of the AT Bill: March 21, 2018, was the 40th anniversary of the signing of the "Appalachian Trail Bill." Read more about it on the ATC site.

PATC Volunteers Demolish Boxwood:  An eyesore at the Vining Tract is removed.  Read about it

PATC Discusses Hiker Food:  What do you want to eat at the end of a long hike? Find out at the library.

Headquarters Building Maintainer Needed: A great opportunity to fill an important role at club headquarters in Vienna.  More information

Cabin Maintainer Positions:  A cabin maintainer requires maintenance skills and does a great deal of work, but has a very rewarding job--the pride of caring for one of the club's great resources. If you are interested in such a position, consult the cabin maintenance page, download the application form, and send it to Cabins Operations Chair Mel Merritt at mailmerritt@gmail.com.

Along Jeremys Run by Garnet JexPATC Receives a Painting and Some History: The club has received a painting by Garnet W. Jex, Along Jeremys Run, from the estate of Nancy Louise Perry. Read more about the history of this painting.

Long time Volunteers Pass On:
The PATC community was saddened by the recent deaths of Jeanne Henkel, Dennis Staiger, and Charles Erik ‘Rik’ Miller. Read more about these outstanding people and the contributions they made to our club and the community. .
A Little Fun: A time-lapse camera trap video from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences shows that you are not alone out there!  More about the project

Charlie Irvin - RIP: Long time stalwart of the PATC's North Chapter died in July. Read Kathy Seiler's rememberance.

Letter from a Hiker: We received a letter from a section hiker who enjoyed the PATC's section of the AT.  Read about the impact of our trail work.

PATC Trail Maintainer Honored as "Unsung Virginian" Dorse Counts was honored as the Unsung Virginian of the year by the Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Cooperatives in March.  Dorse is the maintainer for the Federal Line trail in the Spotsylvania National Military Park and leads a crew that works throughout the park. See: article in Cooperative Living magazine [pdf]