Important Election Dates:

May 1: President appoints Election Committee
June 1: EC submits voting plan to Council
June 30: Deadline for Council to act on voting plan
August 1: Deadline for members to declare to run
August 1: EC's plan for campaign due to Council
August 31: Deadline for Council to act on campaign plan
September 15: Deadline for Nominating Committee to give list of candidates to EC
Month of October: ballot mail-in period 

Constitution and Bylaws: The provisions that govern elections are in article IV of the constitution and section 4 of the bylaws.

2020 Election Page
June 11, 2020

How to Run for Office


PATC has begun preparations for the upcoming election of officers, scheduled to take place during the month of October. Members will elect officers who will take office on January 1st, 2021 and serve two-year terms. In previous years, there was one committee responsible for all facets of the election. As provided by the recent amendments to the bylaws, there are now two committees: the Nominating Committee, led by Chris Firme, and the Election Committee, headed by Michael Brown. Each committee will play a crucial role in the stages leading up to the election. Both committees have begun planning for the election and are putting together timelines for the duration of the process. 

The Election Committee has two primary tasks: first, they will develop and present specific election procedures for Council approval by June. After approval of the election procedures, the committee will shift its focus to guidelines for campaigning. This committee is responsible for overseeing the process for how candidate position statements will be submitted to the website, the Potomac Appalachian, and other forms of communication to reach the general membership. 

The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruiting and recommending a candidate for each of the officer positions. Under the Constitution, club members in good standing may run for office. The Nominating Committee will receive notifications from members interested in running for office, including those current officers who will be seeking re-election. Once they gather the names of those intending to run for office, they will submit the list of qualified candidates to the Election Committee for the preparation of the ballot. The list will include the Nominating Committee’s recommended officer for each position. 

In the next few weeks, more information will be put forth for individuals interested in running for one of the 12 elected officer positions. Any member wishing to run must notify the Nominating Committee of his or her intent by August 1st. 
Note that there will be no voting at the annual meeting this year. Ballots with instructions will be mailed to all eligible members. The voting period is expected to take place in the month of October, and further communications from the Election Committee will be put forth as it gets closer. We urge all members to vote!

Members interested in running should keep an eye on this election page. Our Facebook page will also be a resource for additional updates as we approach the next phases of the nomination process.