91st Annual Meeting, Awards Banquet, and Elections
Meeting and Elections

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Dinner venue - photo by Rachel RahmThe PATC held its 2018 annual meeting at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Virginia on November 28.  It was a night of good fellowship and good food. The club recognized its volunteers and elected officers. 

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards.  John Stacy and Stephanie Danahy won the Myron Avery Award for most exemplifying the spirit of volunteerism during the year.  Also presented were honorary life memberships, Hawksbill awards, the Youth award, Appreciation awards, and Service awards.  See the full list of all awards.

Officer Elections

Thank You

These elections mark the completion of the elected service of three fine people. Each contributed time and hard work as an elected officer. Their efforts have made the club better. Each is now moving on. These fine people are:

Randy Motz
:  Randy had previous experience as an officer and has served the club for many years.  He most recently stepped in to fill the Activities job which he reformed into Outreach.  Randy gave his talent to the club in many ways. Among Randy's many talents, he is a musician. He contributed his music to the club's telephone system to entertain callers waiting on hold.  Additionally, he entertained guests at the annual dinner.  

Emeline Otey:  Emeline served two terms as the Supervisor of Marketing.  In that roll, she developed and sold maps, books, and clothing items for the entertainment of members and the profit of the club's treasury . She managed the production of several wonderful books including a cabin book that is far better than any previous version.

Rush Williamson: Rush has served the club for many years. Like Randy, he is a Myron Avery award winner.  He is one of the club's liaisons to the ATC and represents the club in many important venues. He most recently served as the Vice President for Operations.  Two times during his tenure, he served as acting President when he guided the club successfully through times of turmoil.

Marc Mantelli completed the term of the Treasurer in 2018. He is also the chair of the Grants and Donations committee.

The club sincerely thanks these fine members!

The club held elections for officers. Those who were elected will begin two year terms in December.  Here is the new ExCom:

President: Joe  Lombardo
VP for Operations: John Hedrick
VP Volunteerism: Kirsten Elowsky
Secretary: Steve McLaughlin
Treasurer: Michael Filchock
Supervisor of Trails: John Stacy
Supervisor of Facilities: Glen Tsaparas
Supervisor of Lands: Chris Mangold
Supervisor of Communications: Anstr Davidson
Supervisor of Membership: Michael Brown
Supervisor of Marketing: Katherine Day
Supervisor of Outreach: Samuel Foltz

The Election:
There were 12 officers elected--four elections were contested.  Two incumbents were reelected, three current officers were elected to different offices.  Of the new ExCom, seven are members of the current ExCom and five are new.

Contested Offices:
    Joe  Lombardo (incumbent): 188
    Brewster Thackeray: 174

VP Volunteerism
    Kirsten Elowsky: 205
    Rush  Williamson (incumbent): 146

    Steve McLaughlin (currently Supervisor of Membership): 237
    Kirsten Elowsky: 113

Supervisor of Facilities
    Glen Tsaparas (incumbent):183
    Jeff "JT" Tucker: 169

Uncontested Offices
Current officers reelected to the same position

    Supervisor of Lands
    Chris Mangold

   Supervisor of Communications
   Anstr Davidson

Current officers elected to a different position

   VP for Operations
   John Hedrick (currently Supervisor of Trails)

  Supervisor of Membership
  Michael Brown (currently Secretary)

New officers

   Michael Filchock

   Supervisor of Trails
   John Stacy

   Supervisor of Marketing
   Katherine Day

Supervisor of Outreach
   Samuel Foltz

Constitutional Amendment

There was also a vote on a technical amendment to the club's constitution. That amendment passed by a vote of 333 for and 31 against. For more information on the amendment see the sample ballot [pdf].

In Memoriam

We were saddened to learn of the passing of the following club members in the last year:

Geraldine Asher, Timothy Hooker, Glen Pyles, Randall Brooks, Robert Humphrey, Douglas Shanklin, Betty Cather, Susan King, Walt Smith, Charles Cromwell, III, Joann Langston, Jane Toal, John Fortna, Ralph Lugbill, Corey Wright, Jane Highsaw, and Paul McEnrue.

Event venue - photo Rachel Rahm
The event venue
This and the other photo on this page courtesy of Rachel Rahm