90th Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet

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All photos courtesy of Stanley Turk


The PATC’s annual members meeting and awards banquet was a wonderful celebration of the club’s first 90 years.  A turn away crowd enjoyed good fellowship, great food, and honored the many volunteers who gave so much to the club during the year.

President Jim Tomlin opened the ceremonies by issuing a call to service. He noted that the club has “...learned from those who preceded us.”  Jim’s goal is that those who are here 90 years from now will have learned from us.  “We want to hand down to [the future PATC members] the trail networks, the knowledge, and the wisdom that we now possess.”

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards that honored the volunteer service of so many over the past year.

Martha Becton and Robert Fina with Eddie
The Myron Avery Award, given to the outstanding volunteer of the year, went to Martha Becton and Robert Fina.  They had a fantastic year of accomplishment. Martha and Robert not only did a great deal of work, they furthered the club’s trail maintenance expertise by learning trail building skills and, in turn, teaching other PATC members those skills.  There are many miles of PATC-maintained trails that are much better off because of the hard work and great expertise of Martha and Robert.

Honorary life memberships went to Esther Aulthouse and Patrick Wilson. Esther has been a PATC member for 39 years. In that time, she has provided hospitality to many work crews in the Pennsylvania District through her wonderful cooking.  

Patrick has become an expert in the use of trail maintenance tools.  He is an active trail maintainer and passes on the many skills he has developed. He and Dan Dueweke jointly teach workshops on crosscut saws, axes, safe griphoist practices,  and rigging.  These courses are great resources for the club.

The Appreciation award, which recognizes contributions by non-members, went to Wade Aylor, Ken Frohnert, Bruce Ramsey, Hank Sisbarro, and Myron Wasiuta. These people maintain the Federal Line Trail, and other trails in the Wilderness Battlefield area.  Their work on trails with PATC work crews.  They have received many accolades from the National Park staff for their work.

Hawksbill awards were given to the top volunteer in each club unit (trail district, work crew, etc.).  Finally, many volunteers received Service awards to recognize their work of the year.  See the list of all award winners

Keynote Speaker
Matt Liddle
Matt Liddle
Matt Liddle of REI was the keynote speaker.  Matt is the mid-Atlantic manager of REI--the largest  cooperative retail business in the country. He explained REI’s culture and ethic as a cooperative that is owned by its customers.  REI, like the PATC, is focussed on the outdoors.  Matt ended his talk by emphasizing the importance of the PATC’s volunteer work to the region’s outdoor resources and, in turn, to REI and its customers.  As he said, “I can’t imagine a mid-Atlantic without the PATC.”

Treasurer’s Report
Club treasurer Joe Lombardo reported on the club’s finances.  The club has assets valued at over $9 million, few liabilities, and had a clean audit.  

Silent Auction
For the second year, there was a silent auction of art, outdoor equipment, and entertainment.  Items worth over $4,000 were auctioned.  See below for more information about what was auctioned and who donated the items.

The Evening
Meadowlark Gardens Holiday Lights
Meadowlark Gardens Holiday Lights
The event was held at beautiful Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Virginia. The food was great and, upon leaving, people could enjoy the holiday lights in the park.  

The success of the event is primarily the result of the skill and hard work of the club’s staff director, Brewster Thackeray and his staff. They have done this for many years, and it shows.

Additionally, many attendees gave extra financial support to be part of the Banquet Brigade.
In keeping with the theme of the evening—looking back and forward, the program noted the club members who had recently passed on.

The members who attended—almost 200—had a good time. PATC members from all over the club were able to socialize and share stories. They helped the club celebrate 90 years of service and achievement.

As Jim Tomlin said, “Long live the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club!”


Silent Auction

Thank you to the 2017 Silent Auction donors. The auction featured a diverse collection of items, valued at more than $4,000, with truly something for everyone. We were delighted that the auction raised thousands of dollars to support PATC's work. Thank you to our donors and bidders. We can't wait to see what next year's silent auction will feature!

Silent Auction
Silent Auction

Bears Den/Glen Breining -- Overnight stay, local tastings & Monks BBQ Gift Card
Ken Berman -- Washington, D.C. Self-Propelled Tour for Four
Cheryl Hadrych -- Appalachian Trail Rollercoaster Photograph
Rebecca Harriett -- Dirt Farm Brewing Six-Pack; 2 Bottles from Shenandoah Vineyards
Hilton McLean Tysons Corner -- Weekend Night Stay Plus Breakfast
Nancy Kilpatrick -- Painting
Bambi and Barry Landew -- Around the World Wine Tasting Adventure for eight
Steve McLaughlin -- Four Nationals Baseball Tickets
Glenn Palatini & Betsy Humphreys -- Painting, "Solitude", by Maurice "Jake" Day
PATC Marketing & Publications -- Basket of Books, and Three New Store Items
Potomac River Running Store -- Two training gift certificates
REI -- Self-inflating camp bed, and two Flash 18 packs
Kit Sheffield -- Collection of Puzzles and Games
Kate and Brewster Thackeray -- Transcontinental Cabernets Wine Package; 3 stuffed bears
Jim Tomlin -- Men's and women's REI carbon trekking poles
Glen & Vicky Tsaparas -- Lantern and Camp Stove
Stanley Turk -- Two matted original photographs
Tysons Corner Marriott -- Weekend Night
Rush Williamson -- Jet Stream pumpsack
Diane Yang -- Yaxtrax XTR Traction cleats, and Crystal Capital paperweight
Jim Zell -- Two vintage photographs

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Banquet Brigade

Special thanks to our Banquet Brigade members who generously provided extra financial support of this year's Awards Dinner!

Just some of the food
Pre Dinner Food

Charles Balch
Jennifer Brown
Peter Brown
Chris C. Brunton
Elizabeth Cox
Stephanie B. Danahy
Patricia A. Fankhauser
Jim Fetig
Christopher A. Firme
Frederic B. Francke
Roger B. Hanson
Richard Heath
John Hedrick
William Lamar
Stephen Lillis
Wayne P. Limberg
Dolores Lombardo
Joseph Lombardo
Robert Look
Lee Manning
Sandra Marra
Stephen A. McLaughlin

Some of PATC staff
Lynn L. Murphy
Emeline M. Otey
Phil Paschall
Joan G. Paull
Theodore P. Rabkin
John Stacy
Scott W. Taylor
James F. Tomlin
Douglas Wolf

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In Memoriam

PATC remembers and will miss our members who have recently passed on.

David W. Appel
Sue L. Csorba
Linda G. Davenport
Charles L. Dorian
William J. Gallagher
Dirck Harris
Jeanne K. Henkel
Norma D. Hoffman
Charles R. Irvin
Joan Lorr
Matthew McLeod
Charles Erik Miller
Merval Oleson
Joseph Schifrin
Nancy Schifrin
William E. Schmidt
Hilda Schreiber
Dennis Staiger
Richard G. Terwilliger
Luella Wells
Thomas S. Wilson

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