A Letter of Thanks

Recently, we received a letter at PATC headquarters from an AT section hiker.  Craig Murphy had hiked from Pen Mar to Snickers Gap (the Pennsylvania/Maryland border to Route 7).  He was very pleased with the condition of the trail. He said,

“...thank you for your amazing work maintaining and enhancing the Trail.  I was amazed by the quality and condition of the trail.  Some of the over-growth must have recently been cut as I started my hike near and around PenMar.  As a person who is deathly-allergic to poison ivy, most of my steps are carefully monitored to avoid my plant-based-nemesis.  Almost instantly, that concern was diminished because of what I could see due to the careful maintenance of the Trail.”

Craig was also happy to meet PATC people at Blackburn.  He said,

“...I had the great privilege of meeting two great ambassadors of the Trail system when spending an evening at the Blackburn Trail Center and talking with Cheryl and (RidgeRunner) Robin.  I was impressed with Cheryl’s deep commitment to and honoring the spirit of the Trail, as well as its history.  When I learned of her background in working for museums, I thought she was a perfect fit for the work at the Trail Center.  I also appreciated her balance of hospitality and careful assertiveness to ensure rules were followed so that all visitors could have their own experience.  Similarly, Robin gave me a large portion of her evening to share with me the important work she does and the low-impact messaging she shares with guests of the Trail.  Both Cheryl and Robin are true assets of the Trail.”

Craig has a job that does not allow him to hike the AT in one shot. He is looking forward to many section hikes in the future.  We were happy to see that part of his future commitment is to join the PATC. As he said,

“I look forward to enjoying many more miles as I work my way through the Trail.  I love the idea of having years of enjoyment ahead of me.  I will become a member of your organization, as I want to remain informed on the issues and successes of your organization.  Thank you for the important work you do.”

Craig's letter is one of many we receive.  We should be proud of the 240 miles of the AT that we maintain.  The AT was created by the club's founders 90 years ago.  Craig's letter reminds us of the importance of the Appalachian Trail to our club and to the public.  Thanks to the overseers and work crews that make our 240 miles the best!

Anstr Davidson
Supervisor of Communications