Get Out with a PATC Bandana!


Image of BandanaA perfect way to celebrate getting back on the trails.  You can use a PATC bandana to mop your brow or even as a face covering. Now, for a limited time, you can have one delivered to your door for a special price!

The PATC bandanas were designed by club volunteer Alan Kahan.  He incorporated many elements of the club's history, mission, and activities in the depictions on the bandana.  Be sure and look closely at the many symbols of the club's work and history--a cabin, hiking boots, a shelter, a dogwood blossom, etc. 

How to get yours

The bandanas come in your choice of four colors: green, red, natural (off-white), and gold.   For a limited time, members can purchase a bandana for $10 plus tax.  That price includes shipping. (The non-member price with shipping is $14.)  To order, choose your color and click on it: green, red, natural (off-white), and gold

Bandana folded as a maskImportant! You must be logged in to the website to get the discount!  You are logged in if, at the top of any PATC webpage, to the left of "WORK TRIP REPORTING" it says, "Welcome, [your name]" If you don't see that, click "Log On" in the top right corner of this page.

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A Face Covering?

You can use a PATC bandana as a face covering.  Watch our cabin coordinator, Martha Reynolds, show you how!

Pick out the items yourself!

If you and the kids want to search for all the items depicted on the bandana, here is a picture of the entire thing.  If you want to color one, go further down.

Image of green bandana


You can color this one!

Black and White image to color​​