Boxwood Demolition Project

On the cold weekend of January 13, 12 PATC Volunteers braved frigid temperatures to demolish the dilapidated Boxwood Cabin on the Vining Tract, near Lydia, Virginia. The old log structure stood in disrepair for many years, and was ready to be torn down for repurposing.

When members consider the efforts of cabin overseers, they usually think about the work needed to keep the cabins in pristine condition. Sometimes, we also have to look at other means to preserve the beauty of the places we all love, and provide a safe space for those who recreate at PATC cabins. Boxwood was simply beyond repair; an unsightly hazard to Vining Tract visitors.

With the use of a Skid Steer tractor—loaned to the Club by Piedmont Land Management and operated by Overseer Jamie Harris—and a power winch secured to Overseer Steve Hobler’s Jeep, the crew and equipment tugged and pulled, moving straps and cables for nearly an hour before the cabin finally came down. Then the hard work started.

The crew detached the old metal roof and hauled up the hill for storage with other old piles of metal, intended for future recycling. The workers removed logs from the pile and considered them for future recycling for other PATC projects or sale. Damaged logs were cut up for firewood, as well. After these difficult tasks were accomplished, the clean-up began.

More has yet to emerge from this tale, as plenty of on-site work is needed to finish cleaning up what remains of Boxwood. In future trips, we will continue to sift through the debris to salvage reusable materials, burn waste, and cart off what we can to recycle as much as possible.

It was inspiring to see so many dedicated volunteers devote their time to this project. We look forward to making future trips to the Vining Tract as efforts continue at the old Boxwood Site. Thanks to those who donated their time and equipment.

—Bruce A. Berberick,
Cabin Construction and Major Repairs

—Photos: John Hobler