93rd Annual Meeting
Wednesday, November 18, 2020


After careful consideration, we have decided not to hold the November annual member in-person. While it is not clear what the situation will be in November, we believe it is prudent not make extensive plans based only on hope.

We will have an annual member meeting as required in the club’s constitution.  The meeting will be “virtual” and held on November 18, the date previously set by Council.  While we regret that we will not have the fellowship of meeting together at Meadowlark Gardens, we do hope that there will be silver linings.   The meeting will be equally available to members even if their homes are far from Vienna.  No one will have to drive long distances.  We considering creative things to make the meeting useful and enjoyable to many members.  We are even looking into sub meetings of smaller groups.

Please watch for details of the annual meeting plans.  If you have either ideas about the meeting or experience in virtual meetings that would help us, please feel free to contact Michael Brown, the Supervisor of Membership, at membershipsup@patc.net.  We want the meeting to be a celebration of the club and its long service to the outdoor community.  

Watch for further information about this event on this page.

Annual Meeting in 2019
From the 2019 meeting.  The good news is that no one will have to drive to Meadowlark Gardens.  Photo: Rachel Rahm