Cabin Construction and Maintenance


Volunteer opportunities to maintain and improve PATC cabins occasionally become available. The PATC Cabins Operations Committee undertakes larger projects, which are announced in the monthly newsletter, the Potomac Appalachian, and on the club calendar. Additionally, Cabin Maintenance Volunteers conduct visits to their cabins at least four times a year, and often more.

Occasionally, positions for PATC Cabin Maintenance Volunteers become vacant. If you believe that you have the interest, time, and requisite skills for this role,
complete and submit the Cabin Maintenance Volunteer Application Form. In most cases, some construction experience is required. Cabin Maintainers must be active PATC members.
For more information, contact Cabin Maintenance Chair Mel Merritt, Cabins Construction and Major Repairs Chair Bruce Berberick, or the Cabin Coordinator.


Butternut Cabin
Pocosin Cabin
Ivy Creek Hut

South River Hut

Sugar Knob Cabin

More About Cabin Work Crews

Work crews assist assigned maintenance volunteers with various cabin duties and projects. If you are new to PATC cabins, joining a work crew is an excellent way to learn how to responsibly use a cabin, while providing a valuable service to PATC. Although many maintenance volunteers have recruited a volunteer team, others seek help by posting notices and events in the Potomac Appalachian, on the online calendar, or on the PATC Meetup Page.