Every Chapter, Crew, Section, Committee, District, and formally recognized PATC group such as Trail Patrol can designate one individual for this prestigious award each year.
At the PATC Annual Meeting in November, recipients receive a special custom PATC award patch and a certificate.

The award, named for the highest vertical elevation (4,050 ft.) in PATC’s territory, was developed to fill the niche between the PATC Service Award (which many of our worthy volunteers receive on a regular basis) and the Myron Avery Award, our highest honor, presented to one volunteer annually.
PATC leadership recognized that many individuals go above and beyond to help their PATC group. We have given each PATC group the ability to acknowledge this high level of service by one special individual for the year.
PATC group leaders cannot name an elected PATC officer or themselves. 

 2019 Hawksbill Award Winners

 Awarded by:    Winner      Awarded By:    Winner
 Bear Blazers   -  Dan Cotton      North Massanutten District   -  Marshall Snyder
 Bull Run-Occoquan District    -   Cathy Roth
     Old Scouters Trail Crew  -  Ted Rabkin
 Cabins Central District   -   George Ruben       Pennsylvania AT District  -  Nick Erway
 Cabins North District    -   Gene Leese      Potomac Crew  -  Gilbert Gray
 Cabins Piedmont District   -  Mark Walkup        Potomac Heritage Trail District   -  Robert Fina
 Cabins Shenandoah District    -  Lee Bowen                  Rockbusters Crew  -  Alan Carne
 Cabis SNP District and SNP Central 
 BB (south) District 
  -  Matt Murray       Shelters Committee  -  Michael Wingeart
 Cabins Vining District   -  Tim Ligon      SNP Central AT District  -  Joshua Fuchs
 Cadillac Crew   -  Janet Arici      SNP Central BB North District   -  Gene Whitaker
 Charlottesville Chapter   -  Iva Gillet      SNP North AT   -  Mark Holsteen
 GPS Rangers    -  Scott Cates      SNP South AT District  -  Marit Anderson
           Spooky Beaver Crew
   Michael Calabrese
 Hikes Committee   -  Emeline Otey      Supervisor of Trails  -  Jim Tomlin
 Massanutten South District   -   Christy Bradburn 
 and Brad Koerner 
     Tuscarora South District  -  Nicole and Chris Layton
 Montgomery County Parks District   -  Anne Eggers      Virginia South Side Trail District  -  Michael Heckman


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