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Latest PATC Newsletter – The Potomac Appalachian

The November 2020 issue is available in PDF format.  

PATC's Newsletter - The Potomac Appalachian, or the "PA", as it is known inside the club, is assembled every month by a staff of club volunteers. The newsletter staff has a Chief Editor, Features Editor, and Forecast Editor (responsible for assembling the club's monthly list of activities), as well as a host of writers, proofreaders, and photographers. The newsletter is mailed to the PATC membership and other trail clubs across the country every month, and is distributed in retail stores and other public venues. If you would like to help out in any of these roles, please email the editor.

The newsletter includes club business, current activities, scheduled activities, and feature articles (both current and historical). If there's something of note going on in the club, you'll find it in the PA.

PATC encourages our members to help us save on printing and postage costs by opting to read the newsletter online. To choose online delivery and discontinue delivery of the paper copy of your newsletter, please email us to let us know your preference. If you change your mind, you can always email us to go back to getting the paper copy.

Past issues of the newsletter can be viewed on-line. Click Here for the list. Or Click Here for annual indexes.

Anyone may submit articles for publication in the PA. Please review our Publication Guidelines for more information and guidance.