Hikes in Western Maryland
Hikes in Western Maryland
(5th edition, 2022) The fifth edition of PATC’s guide, Hikes in Western Maryland, is now available from our online store and from some of the outdoor outfitters who carry our products. This book, edited by Judith McGuire with maps by David Pierce, and layout and cover design by Alan Kahan, reflects many hours of hiking, writing, editing, and cartography by PATC volunteers and friends. Western Maryland has an abundance of wonderful hiking trails including day hikes and multi-day backpacking trips, level strolls and demanding climbs, linear hikes and circuits. Many of these trails have historic sites and others allow for a dip in a stream or lake along the way. There are various options for camping along the trails or nearby. Each of the 25 chapters begins with a description of the hike, including the length of the hike and often shorter or longer options, and the WGS84 coordinates for trailhead parking. The descriptions also include information about notable features of the area through which the hike passes and any potentially difficult aspects of the route e.g., stream crossings, steep climbs. This is followed by a turn by turn description of the route. This edition adds three new hikes and eliminates three from the prior edition; changes and updates were made to other hikes.

The fifth edition of this guide is 144 pages and includes 25 maps and 27 photographs
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