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We depend on Volunteers to support  everything we do ... 1000+ miles of trails we maintain, 80+ cabins & shelters, maps & guidebooks, training classes, and the hiking  experiences we lead.  All volunteers are welcome of any age or backgrounds. No previous experience is necessary - just a desire to work hard & have a great time giving back to preserve our footpaths. Enthusiasm, good health, physical vigor, and adaptability are vital. Willingness to follow instructions and safety rules and to share equally in tasks are essential. No matter your age or skill, your help is needed.

Volunteers Needed

Trail Maintenance

If you hike the trails, we welcome you to join our volunteers in maintaining those trails. PATC volunteers are the stewards for over 1000 miles of trails in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and DC, including 240 miles of the AT. Our territory begins in Central Pennsylvania at Pine Grove Furnace, continues thru Maryland and West Virginia and extends into the mid-point of Virginia, including Shenandoah National Park. In addition, we maintain other regional trails, for a total of over 1,000 miles of trails, 1,000 acres of land and more than 80 shelters and cabins. Check out where PATC maintains trails.

Contact one of our District Managers about volunteering in their district.

PATC also sponsors a number of trail crews which are organized geographically within our territory.  If you are outside the DC area, many of the trails crews are also associated with one of our Chapters. Basic trail work includes keeping the footpath clear by managing natural overgrowth, removing obstacles from the tread, controlling erosion, and ensuring that blazes and signage are clear and obvious. Crews also tackle larger trail tasks like building or maintaining foot bridges, building and relocating sections of the footpath or caring for overnight sites.

Requirements:  No prior experience required; we will train on the job, just bring your enthusiasm & desire to give-back 
To Volunteer:    Choose the best location for you & click on the Trail Crew to email the crew leader

MD AT and Side Trails
Shenandoah North
Shenandoah Central
Shenandoah South  
Tuscarora Central              
  Trail Crew
Yankee Clippers
South Mountaineers                                      
Bear Blazers
Flying McLeods  
Devils Nose Crew 
Great North Mountain
DC Metro                 
BROT and C&O [MD]
Prince William Forest Park 
    Trail Crew
Stonewall Brigade

Rock Creek Filibusters      
Potomac Crew                       
Spooky Beavers 
Cadillac Crew
Acme Treadway Company

You can also join one of our 
Week long Work Crews

Trail Maintenance Skills Workshops


Join one of our workshops to help new and seasoned maintainers learn or hone the skills needed to be effective trail maintainers. Clipping, blazing, water bars, and trail safety will be covered.  To help us move away from using water bars, the construction of rolling grade dips (a more sustainable, and less intrusive, water control feature than water bars), will also be taught. This is on the job training. We will walk a trail section with tools and practice the tasks necessary for routine trail maintenance.

Pre registration required by no later than the Friday one week prior to the class. Class size will be limited to ten.

Registrants will receive an email with location and other details.


Contact- Robert Fina. Robert@Fina-co.com 

We are currently seeking Trail Maintainers for a number of unclaimed trail sections.

Click Here to see our current openings.

New Boots -


Volunteers Appointed in October


Shelters & Huts

David L. Cline                                                               Calf Mt. Shelter



Kathy Wood                Co-Overseer   PA Tuscarora ~ Cowans Gap State Park to Richmond Trail

June Ecker                 Co-Overseer   PA Tuscarora ~ Cowans Gap State Park to Richmond Trail

Dan and Jeanne Ralston                                             Marys Rock

Michael E. Dorman                                                      Powell Mountain Trail [lower]

Steven Brown                                                              Buzzard Rock Trail

Jeff Monroe                                                                 Shenandoah Mountain ~ Rte. 250 to Jerrys Run Trail

John Stacy                                                                  Springhouse Ridge [of Wild Oak] Trail

Stephanie Danahy                                                      Springhouse Ridge [of Wild Oak] Trail

Travis & Shelbie Goodwin                                          1st Manassas Trail ~ Visitor Center to Van Pelt [Stone Bridge Loop]


Volunteers Appointed in November



Mike Hiller                                                                   Rock Spring Hut



Anthony Murray                                                          AT ~ Rte. 638 to Denton Shelter

John Prahm                                                                AT ~ Denton Shelter to Power Line

John Corey Hunsdon                                                 AT ~ Jenkins Gap to Hogwallow Gap

Kate Heneberry                                                          AT ~ Jenkins Gap to Hogwallow Gap

Elizabeth B. Moser                                                    AT ~ Elkwallow Gap to Ridge Crest

Richard Bean                                                             AT ~ Elkwallow Gap to Ridge Crest

Mike Hiller                                                                  AT ~ Marys Rock Trail to Byrds Nest 3

Dan Cotton                                                                AT ~ North Hazeltop to Bootens Gap

Curtis Bailey                                                              PA Tuscarora ~ Alice Trail to Yellow Blazed Trail

Elisabeth H. Jones                                                    Hannah Run [lower] Trail

Mike Nicholson                                                          Broad Hollow Trail

Darren Morris                                                            Western Ridge Trail ~ Wise Road to Boundary Bridge

Mitchell Baer                                                             Western Ridge Trail ~ Wise Road to Boundary Bridge

Hike Leaders
Trail Patrol offers a hike leader class for hikers who are learning new skills as well as formal hike leaders of outing groups who are updating their group leadership skills. The course provides essential skills for leading safe, environmentally responsible, and enjoyable hikes. We cover how to handle backcountry medical emergencies, leadership development, trip planning, standard procedures, emergency procedures, gear and clothing, map reading and navigation, and Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. The training includes lectures with hands-on applications and trail-based scenarios. The course is open to all levels, from novice to experienced hikers.

Requirements:     Attend Hike Leadership class, fee may be required
To Volunteer:      Contact the Hike Leader Chair  

Trail Patrol
Trail Patrol volunteers hike in the Maryland, Virginia, southern Pennsylvania, eastern West Virginia, and D.C. region offering assistance and information to hikers and backpackers, helping  fellow hikers understand how to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner.   Additionally, they report trail conditions to the volunteer Trail Crews who maintain the region’s trails.

Attend the Trail Patrol training class
Trail Patrol Web Site and Class Information:  Click Here
To Volunteer:     Send an email to the Trail Patrol training leader   

Cabin & Shelter Maintenance
The 80+ cabins & shelters which PATC maintains in the Mid-Atlantic area require regular maintenance & upkeep.   Each cabin or shelter has a maintainer who provides direct support, however for larger jobs, more hands are needed.   The Cabin and Shelter Crews work with the maintainer on larger projects including renovation and major rehabilitation.  

  No training required....just enthusiasm & desire to give-back 
To Volunteer:   Cabins: Visit our Cabin Construction and Maintenance page or email the Cabin Coordinator. Shelters: email the Shelter Maintenance Coordinator to connect with volunteer projects in your area

Youth & Scout Experiences
There are always projects and/or activities underway involving youth or Scout experiences in nature.   

Requirements:  No training required....just enthusiasm & desire to give-back 
To Volunteer:   Email the Youth/Scout Experience Chair
More Opportunities
They are many more opportunities to Volunteer .....some requiring experience with PATC like phone answering at PATC HQ office in Vienna, VA or publishing guidebooks, the newsletter or maps and many more.   Since this is a 100% volunteer organization, we also need & appreciate good volunteers.   See even more opportunities and contacts.