Important Jobs for PATC's Trails
Help Needed!

Volunteers are needed to take on the important jobs below.  Help the PATC maintain one of the region's greatest outdoor recreational resource--over 1,000 miles of hiking trails.  To apply for one of these jobs, contact Supervisor of Trails, John Stacy at, or Trails Coordinator Heidi Forrest at


Tuscarora Trail Leader

This volunteer will lead our efforts to implement the Tuscarora Trail Strategy to make the Tuscarora a better hiking experience.  This leader will coordinate plans with District Managers, Chapter Leads, Trail Patrol, Sign Patrol, and Work Crews.  He or she will help us set intermediate goals and hold us accountable for meeting them.  Our Tuscarora Trail Leader will help us plan and execute work trips, preferably as outreach events.  Our Tuscarora Trail Leader will help us work with private property owners to keep the trails in forest and off roads.  This leader will have the opportunity to work with officers for Volunteerism, Land Management, Trails, Communications, and with staff.  They will report to the Supervisor of Trails and Council monthly.

District Managers

District Managers and co-District Managers are needed for several areas.  A district manager serves as the “mayor” of an area to ensure that PATC-adopted trails are maintained in accordance with local requirements.  The DM recruits and trains overseers for each section.  The DM is responsible for communicating safe practices and safety requirements.  They maintains effective relationships with land managers, communicate and implement necessary paperwork, and responds to land manager requests.  A district manager develops and leads projects when required for their district.  He or she attends the appropriate trails meetings whenever possible, works with the PATC HQ staff trails lead, and communicates with the Supervisor of Trails for needed resources and to solve problems.

Trails Committee - Members

Several volunteers, preferably from different PATC areas, are needed to work with the Supervisor of Trails as part of the Trails Committee.  The Trails Committee is envisioned to support SoT administrative tasks, to improve outreach to District Managers, Chapters, trails crews and PATC projects, and increase Trails accomplishments.  The committee members will work with HQ trails staff Heidi Forrest as part of specific projects.  Trails committee members might be interested in future service as Supervisor of Trails or in other PATC positions but they mostly will want to make PATC-maintained trails better.  In addition to ongoing needs, the positions offer latitude to develop and implement specific projects of interest to the volunteer.  At this time, the Trails Committee is expected to meet monthly in different areas of PATC responsibilities to report progress and develop and maintain plans.

To apply for one of these jobs, contact Supervisor of Trails, John Stacy at, or Trails Coordinator Heidi Forrest at