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What We Do

       Our Mission

Trail Patrol's primary mission is to help nature lovers of all kinds enjoy the wilderness safely and with as little impact as possible.

For hikers, we are a visible, reassuring presence on the trails. We walk the trails throughout the year—rain, snow or shine—answering questions and offering help whenever needed.


We provide a variety of services, on the trail as well as off.
  • From directions and information on trail conditions,
  • To first aid and emergency assistance,
  • And classes about safe hiking and low-impact camping practices, such as beginning and advanced backpacking classes, Leave No Trace classes, and Hike Leadership training.
  • We report on the conditions of the trails, shelters, and cabins along the trails. Other club volunteers then maintain and improve them.
  • We select, train, and supervise the summer Ridgerunners who walk the Appalachian Trail in the PATC section during the summer months.
  • We hold special events such as National Trails Day and support the USDA Forest Service and National Park Service by helping with their events, such as Wilderness Weekend.

We prepare for this through training. We learn the essentials such as first aid, land navigation and radio communications, in class rooms and in the field. Periodically we hone our knowledge at weekend outings in the mountains.

We do what we do because we love the outdoors. We like to hike and backpack and we want to share our experience with others. We are volunteers and receive no benefits other than the pleasure of seeing the wonders of nature preserved for our collective pleasure.


Annual Reports to PATC Council

How many miles of trail did Trail Patrol members report on?  How many hikers did we assist?  How many classes did we teach?  What are we planning for next year?  If you want to learn more about both past accomplishments and what we will be doing in the coming year, check our Annual Reports that have been submitted to the PATC Council.