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The Lure of Backpacking

 More and more people are choosing backpacking as a recreational activity. Why? Many people tell us that they are seeking relief from the pressures and pace of urbanized living. Traveling by foot into the backcountry, they find unparalleled opportunities to learn more about nature and about themselves. The wilderness offers challenges and rewards not available in other areas of their lives. Also, backpacking provides an excellent, sometimes the only, way to travel into pristine areas in search of beauty and solitude.    

Backpacking Classes

Educating people in safe and environmentally friendly practices for traveling into the backcountry is one of Trail Patrol’s core responsibilities. We offer backpacking classes for novices seeking to take up backpacking as well as for experienced backpackers.

The following classes are currently offered:

  • Backpacking 101: Backpacking basics - for beginners and people who want to update rusty skills. Includes a weekend overnight backpacking trip.
  • Backpacking 202: Planning and leading group trips - for Backpacking 101 graduates and others with comparable experience. Includes a weekend overnight backpacking trip.
  • Lightweight Backpacking: Techniques for reducing pack weight without compromising safety - for both experienced and new backpackers. One-day workshop, no backpacking trip.

Backpacking Resources

Looking for ideas on how to improve your backpacking skills? Looking for ideas of where to go? We have information on gear, techniques, recipies, places to go, safety, and how to enjoy the backcountry while minimizing your environmental impact.

Backpacking Committee

Trail Patrol’s backpacking committee is a dedicated group of men and women who are passionate about backpacking and sharing their knowledge with others. They are the instructors and facilitators who teach the backpacking classes and the leaders who guide the overnight backpacking trips.

For More Information

Contact the Trail Patrol Backpacking Committee Chair.