GIS Volunteer Opportunities

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GIS Recruitment 

  • GIS Co-Chair - Responsibilities to include establishing and prioritizing goals of the GIS committee to align with the PATC's mission.  Familiar with modern GIS Toolsets, concepts and processes. and taking a leadership role in mentoring and developing volunteer skills.


    GIS Application Developers - Volunteers who have a passion for building Geospatial Applications using ESRI Desktop and Cloud technologies.  Applications will be Web and Mobile targeted, focusing on Trail, Cabin and other club asset management in the office and in the field.  GIS committee in telling PATC's history using ESRI story maps.


    GIS Data wranglers - Work gather, collect and curate PATC GIS data with third party open source GIS data sources to support enterprise applications and cartographic products.


    Cartographers/Graphic Designers - Assist in developing Club Maps to support the hiking public in printed and digital formats. Looking for advisory and practitioners to streamline our process. Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Avenza MapPublisher as well as ESRI Desktop and Web based applications.


    Contact Chris Mangold at to obtain further details or to volunteer!