Q:   How can I get in touch with PATC?
A:   Go to Contact Us in the footer of every page for detail contact info

Q:   Where can I buy PATC Maps and Guidebooks?
A:    You can purchase maps and guidebooks at any time from our online store.  The brick and mortar store at PATC headquarters is currently closed.

Q:   Can you help me plan a hiking trip?
A:    We can't plan your trip for you, but we do have resources you might need.   
       • Get maps & guidebooks at our online store for the AT & most other Mid-Atlantic Region trails. 
       • Visit the On The Trails section for further information on hiking and lodging in the area.


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Q: Is experience required to participate in a PATC Work Crew?
A: Usually not.  Our work crews welcome all levels of experience, and we always appreciate "new blood."  Some activities, such as chainsaw work, require a certification but there are always plenty of other tasks where we need your help.  If you have never been on a work trip before, we strongly recommend that you contact the trip leader in advance to get tips on what to bring, how to dress, and to be certain of the trip meeting location.

Q: Where can I report my volunteer hours?
A: Please visit our Volunteer Hour Reporting page for online forms to report your hours.