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Easy Hikers--W&OD Trail and Tamarack Park, Vienna, VA

CANCELLED - Yankee Clippers AT Work Trip

Wanderbirds: Shenandoah River State Park, VA

Vigorous Hikers: Fetzer Gap

Easy Hikers--Foggy Bottom to Rosslyn Metro

Tuscarora Central District Devil's Nose Crew Work Trip

Lincoln Loggers - Old Rag Cabin

Wanderbirds: AT, Black Rock to High Rock to Pen Mar, MD

Vigorous Hikers Bull Run

PATC Executive Committee

Easy Hikers--Seneca Bluffs MD

Midweek Hike

New Members Meeting

Learn To Cross-Country/NORDIC Ski In Laurel Highlands PA

SNP/PATC Annual Trails Meeting

CANCELLED - Charlie Irvin Shelter Work Trip

Wanderbirds: Appalachian Trail, Ashby Gap to Manassas Gap, VA

Vigorous Hikers - Elizabeth Furnace Hiking and Bushwhacking with Optional Overnight at Glass House

Easy Hikers--Glover Archbold Trail, DC

CANCELLED - Charlie Irvin Shelter Work Trip

Basic Wilderness First Aid

Meet the Trail Patrol Hike - Gathland/Weverton, AT, MD

Vigorous Hikers - Swift Run Gap to Simmons Gap and return

Cross-Country/NORDIC ski trip in Laurel Highlands PA

Wanderbirds: Big Devils Stairs, Bluff and Mount Marshall Trails, SNP, VA

Event Category: Hike

Start Date: Sunday, 12/1/2019

Start Time: 8:00 AM

Contact: Alec Cloyd 540/220-4575 or Emil Friberg 202/812-8990 or Marsha Johnston 619/855-0669

Email: ajwcloyd@gmail.com; emilfriberg@hotmail.com; mwjohnston1@gmail.com

www: Click Here


PATC Map 9. Fare: $20/$25, plus park fee/pass. Departs from 17th & K Sts. and the Vienna Metro. The best times to see the views at Big Devils Stairs are early spring and late autumn, when the trees are bare of foliage. Moderate hikers start at Jenkins Gap, walk for 300 ft. south on Skyline Drive and turn left down the Mount Marshall Fire Road (which becomes Mount Marshall Trail), turn right (south) on the Bluff Trail (frequent views east), and left on the Big Devils Stairs. Hikers descend the Stairs (frequent views east) to the first overlook, then climb back up and turn left onto the Bluff Trail to Gravel Springs Gap. They then follow Skyline Drive for 1/3 mile to Range View Overlook. Long hikers will start at Compton Gap on the AT and hike 2 miles south to Jenkins Gap, where they follow the moderate path. Est.: 11.5–12 miles, 2500–2700’ elevation; 9.5 miles, 2200’ elevation. (VA)