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Thank you for helping us to maintain and protect the Appalachian Trail and nearby lands, and other trails and related facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region for the enjoyment of present and future hikers.

Your donation is tax-deductible. Our Tax ID is 53-0187508.

Donation Levels:
Gift Membership (Individual) $40
Gift Membership (Couple) $45
Gift Membership (Family) $55

If you are giving a gift membership, fill in your information below, and tell us the name of the recipient in the field called 'Name of Honoree and Recipient'. We will contact you to get contact information for the recipient and to find out when and how you want them told of the gift.

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Notes and Help

Responding to our Fundraising Letter—Upgrading the club's IT Infrastructure?
 If so, thank you! When you make your donation (to the left), select the “In Honor of” option and insert “Infrastructure Upgrade” in the text box. Your support for this upgrade will enable us to have a better interface for supporters like you and for staff to handle your donations. In short, this current form demonstrates why your support is so important!

In Memory or In Honor Donations: Looking to make a donation in memory of someone or in honor of someone? Be sure to check the appropriate button at the bottom of the page and fill in the name of the person you are honoring.

Gift Memberships: Fill in your own information in the Online Donation Form. Under "Select Fund", choose the "Gift Membership." Check the gift membership button at the bottom of the form and fill in the name of the recipient. We will contact you to get the recipient's details.

Join the Club or Renew Your Membership:  This is the wrong place.  If you want to renew your membership,  GO HERE TO RENEW,  If you want to join the club, GO HERE TO JOIN

Note:  PATC is currently soliciting donations only from residents of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and PATC members in West Virginia.