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Potomac Appalachian Trail Club 
118 Park Street, SE
Vienna, VA  22180-4609
(703) 242-0315 - (703) 242-0968 (Fax)

PATC Headquarters Building

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Club Leadership


    Elected Officers (ExCom)
         President - Jim Fetig
         Vice President for Operations - Dave Bowen
         Vice President for Volunteerism - Michael Brown
         Supervisor of Trails - Rush Williamson
         Supervisor of Lands - Russell Riggs
         Supervisor of Marketing - Vacant
         Supervisor of Facilities - John Hedrick
         Supervisor of Membership - Jayne Mayne
         Supervisor of Outreach - Kristine Villatoro
         Supervisor of Communications - Vacant
         Treasurer - Joe Lombardo
         Secretary - Anstr Davidson

    Chapter Presidents
         Blue Ridge Chapter - Kristine Villatoro  
         Charlottesville Chapter - Mark Perschel  
         North Chapter - Dee Utz
         Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter - Jean Stephens

    Special Interest Section Presidents
        Mountaineering - Caroline Mosher
        Ski Touring Section - Steve Jarvis 

    Standing Committee Chairs
        Cabins Operations - Mel Merritt
        Conservation - Lowell Smith
        Hikes - Iva Gillet
        Lands Acquisition - Phil Paschall
        Shelters - Henry Horn
        Trail Patrol - Curtis Bailey

    Appointed Officers with Council Vote
        ATC Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership - Dan Hippe
        ATC Central and Southwest Virginia Regional Partnership - John Hedrick
        AT Corridor Management - Thom Lupp
        Maryland AT Management - Thom Lupp
    Past President
        Past President - Joe Lombardo

    Meet with Council and ExCom (without Vote)
        General Counsel - John Pennington
        Staff Director - Rob Aldrich

Other Leaders and Committees (not on Council)

Special Committees 

    Cabins Construction and Major Repairs - Bruce Berberick 
    Cabin Reservation Committee - Anstr Davidson
    Endowment - Charlie Balch
    Finance - Joe Lombardo
    Fundraising - Kira Lanier
    GPS Rangers - Jim Tomlin
    Grants and Donations - Joe Lombardo
    Headquarters - John Hedrick
    Information Technology Steering - Lee Congdon
    Land Management - Russell Riggs
    GIS - Chris Mangold and Jeff Monroe
    Outreach - Kristine Villatoro 
    Publications - Emeline Otey
    Tuscarora Trail - H Shindle

Appointed Officers 

    Archivist - Mills Kelly
    Natural Resource Advisor - Rob Lamar
    Potomac Appalachian Editor - Richard Stromberg 

Other Managers

   Trail District Managers
   Trail Crews

Professional Staff

The headquarters building is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM (closed Federal holidays). Individual Staff Member hours vary.


Staff Director
      Rob Aldrich
     (703) 242-0315, x-105
Cabin and Lands Coordinator
      Ben Danforth
      (703) 242-0315, x-108
Finance Coordinator
      Derek Staubs
      (703) 242-0315, x-106       
Accounting Assistant
       Katie Rose
      (703) 242-0315, x-104       
Communications Coordinator
        Jess LaPolla
Membership and IT Coordinator
      Mary Flowers
      (703) 242-0315, x-109
Publications Marketing and Sales Coordinator
      Diane Yang      
      (703) 242-0315, x-103
Trails Management Coordinator
      Heidi Forrest
      (703) 242-0315, x-107     
Bears Den Trail Center
      Glen Breining - Manager
      (540) 554-8708
Blackburn Trail Center
      Chris Brunton - Manager
      (703) 967-2226




Frequent Contacts

    Cabin Reservation link
(answers most questions and you can make your own reservations quickly)
    Cabin Coordinator - (703) 242-0315, x-108;

   (703) 242-0315, x-103
   During headquarters open hours

Potomac Appalachian Newsletter:
   Editor - Richard Stromberg

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