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The Potomac Mountain Club is the Mountaineering Section of PATC and is the premier rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering club serving the D.C. Metro area since 1944.

They are a diverse group of local DC area climbers who share a common interest in promoting safe climbing, conserving the outdoors, developing new climbers' skills and having fun ! Instruction is provided for those wanting to learn the basics.   This is not a school, but will get you started.   Climbs are local or further afield, nearly every weekend.  In winter, trips are organized for beginning and advanced climbers.  

More Info:
  Visit Potomac Mountain Club for their schedule and get contact information.

Ski Touring Section (STS)
Since 1974, the Ski Touring Section has served to provide cross‑country skiing experiences for beginners through experts. This group sponsors winter weekend ski trips to the mountains in Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania as well as more extensive trips that travel west, north and across the ocean. Social events are scheduled throughout the year.

More Info:  Visit STS to check on their skiing trips and get contact information.