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Cancellation & Refund Policies

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these rules are subject to change at any time. PATC will continue posting updates to the cabin rental policy, as changes are adopted.
Before reserving a PATC cabin, carefully review the cancellation & refund policies below.

We do not issue refunds for any cancellation made less than eight days prior to the beginning of a reservation.
This includes cancellations related to weather conditions or personal emergencies.
Please see “Closure of Skyline Drive” for the only exception to this rule.

All cancellation requests must be submitted to the Cabin Coordinator in writing.
Your email request should include the name of the renter of record and the reservation information.
If a Cabin Key Packet has already been issued, the refund will be processed upon our receipt of the Cabin Key. 

Standard Reservation (within 60 days)

Cancellation requested 15 or more days in advance

Full Refund, less $10.00

Cancellation requested 8 to 14 days in advance

50% refund, less $10.00

Cancellation requested within 7 days of arrival

No refund

Advanced Reservation (beyond 60 days)

Cancellation requested 15 or more days in advance

50% refund, less $10.00

Cancellation requested within 14 days of arrival

No refund

Closure of Skyline Drive 

Only for Argow, Corbin, Doyles River, Pocosin, Range View, Rock Spring, & Schairer

SNP may close Skyline Drive, or parts of it, due to hazardous conditions or inclement weather. If you cannot drive to the normal cabin trailhead because all or part of Skyline Drive is closed as of noon on the day of your rental, and you do not go to the cabin, you are eligible for a refund, less the $10.00 processing fee. You must submit a written refund request to the Cabin Coordinator by email, within 48 hours of the start of your reservation in order to remain eligible for a refund. This is the only exception to the general rule that there are no refunds within seven days of the arrival date for cancellations for any reason, including hazardous road conditions or inclement weather.

Date Change OR Cabin Swap

A renter desiring to change a reservation either by moving the dates, renting fewer days, or exchanging the cabin must cancel the entire reservation and re-book. Any refund will be guided by the rules above. Renters may want to make the new reservation, if the dates are open, without waiting for the cancellation to process to avoid losing the reservation of choice to another renter.

Additional Nights

Renters may add days to the beginning or end of a rental period by calling the Cabin Reservation Desk, emailing the Cabin Coordinator, or booking the additional day(s) through the online reservation system. If processed online, please contact the office to ensure that a single Cabin Key Packet is mailed.

Note: If you plan to arrive before the 3:00 p.m. check-in time on the day of arrival, you must add an additional night to the beginning of your reservation, so as not to encroach on the previous renters. 

Even if you decide to cancel your reservation within 7 days, meaning that you will not receive a refund, we encourage you to contact us.
This might permit another renter or cabin maintenance volunteer the opportunity to utilize the facility. 

COVID-19: We have ended the special cancellation policy for COVID for reservations made after October 20, 2022.  Reservations made on or before that date will be considered under the old policy which was: "If you are a member of your household has become ill or exhibited symptoms associated with COVID-19 within two weeks of your reservation, please contact the Cabin Coordinator right away to submit a special cancellation request. Refunds will be considered. Standard cancellation policies will apply to all new reservations, unless a COVID-19 Special Exception Request is submitted to the Cabin Coordinator."  Note that the old policy did not have an automatic refund in the case of COVID infection.  Refunds under that policy are made on a case-by-case basis.

If you have already reviewed the Rental Policies, proceed to Select a Cabin