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Introduction to PATC Cabins  

*Before proceeding, be aware that many PATC cabin rental policies and procedures have been adjusted, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.*

PATC maintains 42 cabins to provide hiking and outdoor experiences for its members and the public. These cabins extend from Charlottesville, Virginia through Maryland, West Virginia, and reach as far north as Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Each cabin tells a unique, vibrant story, constructed by forest rangers, PATC members and benefactors, the Civilian Conservation Corps, or even Prohibition-era moonshiners. 


Cabin Rental Basics


Renter Responsibility: Volunteer Maintainers maintain the cabins. They do not, however, visit their cabins after each rental.
It is, therefore, the responsibility of the renter to clean, leave firewood upon departure, and report discrepancies.


Varying Amenities: The cabins differ in amenities from most primitive offering spring-fed water, a wood stove, an outdoor privy, no electricity, and solitude—to the most modern—offering electricity, running hot and cold water, as well as a kitchen and bathroom. The availability of such a wide spectrum ensures that there is an option for everyone.   


Membership: While the club offers 17 public cabins for everyone, most cabins are only available to members. 
Click here to learn more about acquiring a PATC membership, and the benefits of supporting the organization.
If, during the rental process, you decide to book a
members-only cabin (they will appear in all capital letters),
you can add an appropriate membership to your cart.


Hike-in Distance: In determining the cabin that’s right for you, also note that many of the cabins require a potentially lengthy hike-in and some backpacking experience. These cabins may be less accessible for children, the elderly, and the disabled.


Reservation Required: Although many PATC cabins are situated along the Appalachian Trail, you should not disturb the cabin occupants along your route without a reservation. The cabins are kept locked, and cabin keys are kept at our office in Northern Virginia. All reservations must be booked in advance. 


If you are new to renting PATC cabins, please consider purchasing a Cabins Book to learn more about cabin history, available amenities, and the layout of each cabin interior. You can also click here to find more information about each cabin. Use the other Quick Links to the left to guide you through the cabin rental process.


Cabin Coordinator’s Message

Greetings to all PATC cabin renters,

Thanks for choosing to stay at a cabin, for a unique and exciting rental experience. We hope that you have a wonderful visit, and ask that you promptly report any issues found at the cabin upon your arrival. Because our dedicated cabin maintenance volunteers visit the cabins on a semi-regular basis, we count on you to help us with general upkeep. Your role in maintaining these historically valuable structures remains critical to their survival. Please review all rental and cancellation policies and other cabin information before placing your reservation. Contact me at cabincoordinator@patc.net with any questions.

Warm Regards,
Martha Reynolds, PATC Cabin Coordinator

Photo Credit: Mutton Top by Travis Powell