Last Updated: September 30, 2022


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The 2022 PATC Election 

Voting will take place from October 1 to October 31 and will be mostly online.

Why the Change?

Past PATC elections have been conducted in person at the Annual Meeting and via US Postal Service mail with paper ballots. This year we are moving to online voting to simplify our procedures, lower our costs, and make voting easier for a larger group of our members.

I Still Want a Paper Ballot!

We expect online voting to be substantially more efficient and more cost effective than paper ballots. However, if you require a paper ballot, we will provide one for you. Please call (703) 242-0315, x-109 and leave your full name and mailing address to request a paper ballot. Or, send your request to

Do We Have Your Email? 

In preparation for online voting, please take the time right now to log on to and verify that your email information is correct. After you go to the website, click the "Log On” link in the upper right. Then click on your name in the upper margin and review the email address shown. If it is not correct, or no email is listed, click on the pencil icon in the “Addresses” section (not in the profile on the left side of the page) to update or provide your email. Also, look near the bottom for this note: “Please check this box to update all address records associated with your primary ID” and click the box. After you have updated your addresses, click “Save and Close” to record your change. If you have any problems, please contact

Multiple People on One Email Address

If you can provide a unique email for each voting member in a Couple or Family membership now, you will ensure that each receives a ballot. 

If you have questions at all about the new voting process, please contact us at

Slate of Candidates 

We are pleased to announce the following slate of candidates for the 2022 PATC election.

President – Jim Fetig*
Vice President of Operations  Dave Bowen*
Vice President for Volunteerism – Michael Brown*
Treasurer – Joseph Lombardo*
Secretary – Anstr Davidson* 
Supervisor of Communications – Martha Reynolds*
Supervisor of Communications – Joel Cohen
Supervisor of Facilities – John Hedrick* 
Supervisor of Lands – Russell Riggs*
Supervisor of Marketing – Kevin Kinder*
Supervisor of Membership – Nagina Malguria* 
Supervisor of Outreach – Kristine Villatoro*
Supervisor of Trails – Rush Williamson*

*Denotes endorsement by Nominating Committee