These Hills Were Home
These Hills Were Home
(2nd. ed. 2022) The second edition of These Hills Were Home: A Walking History Guide to The Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Green and Western Madison County, Virginia, is now available. Seemingly effortlessly, the author Kristie Kendall combines three elements to provide a unique walking guide: she provides maps and text that lay out clear directions for following walking paths as they wind past the remains of homes and other structures and a varied array of artifacts reflecting life as it was live on the mountain, all of which is given more substance through her detailed descriptions and the many photographs of the people who lived there and their activities.

Kristie’s love and respect for the people who once lived in this area is evident in her writing. She reminds readers at several points that the sites described in the book are the places where generations of mountain families lived out their lives, and should be treated with respect and left undisturbed. The second edition includes several new trails and six additional photos.

*Quotes taken from About this Book, page 1.

The book, 136 pages, includes 103 photographs and 12 maps. Retail price $16.00; discounted member price $12.80
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