Map L: Tuscarora Trail (Hancock MD to Capon Springs WV)
Map L: Tuscarora Trail (Hancock MD to Capon Springs WV)
$6.40 for members, $8.00 for non-members. (4th edition, 2012) Covers West Virginia and Virginia Sections 11 through 16 (72.1 miles) of the Tuscarora Trail as described in the Guide to the South Half of the Tuscarora Trail. Scale 1:100,000. Contour interval 20 meters. Grids: 10,000-meter UTM Zone 17; geographic latitude/longitude, 7.5-minute interval. Datum NAD83. Shaded relief. Edition 4 is a new base map compiled from the latest GIS data that includes the recent relocation of the Tuscarora Trail in Sleepy Creek WMA and near Gore, VA; the addition of four new shelters; and indication of the future alignment of the T.T. along the ridge of Great North Mountain.
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