Map K: Tuscarora Trail (PA-641 to Hancock, MD)
Map K: Tuscarora Trail (PA-641 to Hancock, MD)
(4th edition, 2013) This map highlights Sections 6 through 10 (56 miles) of the Tuscarora Trail as described in the Tuscarora Trail Guide (North Half). Printed on water-resistant, tear-resistant synthetic stock in 5 colors. Scale 1:100,000. Contour interval: 100 feet. Grids: 5,000-meter UTM Zone 17 (west of 78?W), 5,000-meter UTM Zone 18 (east of 78?W); geographic latitude/longitude, 7.5-minute interval. Datum NAD83. Shaded relief. Map K also includes hiking opportunities in Buchanan State Forest (easternmost parcels) and Cowans Gap State Park, both in Pennsylvania. The extent of several PA State Game Lands and the MD Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area are shown. Updates for the 4th edition include realignments of the Tuscarora and Standing Stone Trails, and the addition of Reese Hollow Shelter, Burd Run Shelter, and Little Cove Cabin.
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