Map J: Tuscarora Trail (PA AT to Rte. 641)
Map J: Tuscarora Trail (PA AT to Rte. 641)
(3rd edition, 2012) Map J covers Pennsylvania Sections 1 through 5 (51.7 miles) of the Tuscarora Trail as described in the Guide to the North Half of the Tuscarora Trail. Scale 1:100,000. Contour interval 20 meters. Grids: 10,000-meter UTM Zone 18; geographic latitude/longitude, 7.5-minute interval. Datum NAD83. Shaded relief. Edition 3 is a new base map compiled from the latest GIS data. Updates include a relocation of the Tuscarora Trail near the Florence Jones Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary; numerous trail changes within Tuscarora State Forest; and an updated elevation profile.
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