Publications Updates and Corrections

New editions of PATC’s guide books and maps are usually published every 3 – 5 years, or as warranted by changes in terrain, trail alignment and other factors.
The following updates should be noted.

 Title                 Edition       

 Year of Publication

   Hike    Update

  Hikes in the Washington Region: Part A -- Montgomery, Frederick, & Washington Counties in Maryland     6th    2013
    16    As of late July, 2018, trails in the Monocacy Natural Resources Management Area are so badly overgrown that some are nearly impassable. Most trails there are unblazed, and maintenance in the NRMA has always been spotty. Thorny invasive vines, poison ivy, and other plants have now completely obscured paths in some areas. Except in winter, long pants and long sleeves are essential. Machetes would help.

  Appalachian Trail Guide to Shenandoah National Park with Side Trails     15th    2016
    Page 251    The section headed "0.4-10.6" should be ignored in its entirety.
 The section headed "1.3-9.7" should instead read as follows:
   Come to Old Rag Fire Road and turn right on fire road at sign post for 200 yards. Then turn left from fire road and head toward White Oak Canyon."

  Various publications, including Hikes in the Washington Region Part B, Circuit Hikes in Va, WVa, Md and Pa, and the Guide to Civil War Trails        
       The National Park Service no longer charges an entrance fee for Manassas National Battlefield Park. In addition to eliminating fees, Manassas will no longer offer the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands passes or other interagency passes.

 Appalachian Trail Guide to Maryland and N. Virginia (Book 6)
   18th    2015        Page 56: Water and restroom facilities at Pen Mar Park, Maryland, are open from the first Saturday in May to the last Sunday in October (not April through October as stated in the book).

 PATC Cabins Book
       2016 and 2018
       It is a 6-mile hike from the Old Rag Cabin to the AT; no pets are allowed at this cabin. (The information on the Old Rag Cabin page, p. 68, is correct on both these points; the information on the summary page, p. 107, is not.)

 Hikes in the Washington Region,Part C    4th    2017    Hike 15
   Parking along Daniels Road is now very limited, and early arrival is recommended for this popular area, especially on weekends. The largest of the three parking strips has been sealed off, leaving room for only 15 to 20 cars. The nearest street parking outside the park is over a mile from trailheads.

 Guide to Civil War Trails    1st    2015    Hike 4    Trails and rules around the stables and Ft. DeRussy in Rock Creek Park have changed.  At 8.8 mi: At end of corral fence angle right, away from stables and downhill on bridle trail. Shortly, turn left at 3-way junction. At 9.9 mi: [Add] To protect the historic site, visitors are no longer allowed to enter Ft. DeRussy or climb its walls. Explore around the outside of the fort and downhill to the right, where more outworks may be found.

 Guide to Civil War Trails    1st    2015    Hike 18    On December 2, 2016, the new Potterfield Memorial Bridge opened for pedestrian and bike traffic across the James River, connecting trails along both banks. This bridge enables hikers to vary the 8.2-mile route described in the guide -- visiting the Confederacy's arsenal, an island where Union prisoners of war were held, and other sites in the rebel capital.

 Circuit Hikes in Va, WVa, Md and Pa    10th    2019    Hike 18    p. 99, section on Cat Rock Extension, directions at 8.8 mile point. The first line says to turn right. That should be left.

 Hikes in the Washington Region,Part B    5th    2015    Hike 5    The driving directions say “… turn right (R) 0.1 mi to Richmond Hwy (US 1), turn R 0.8 mi to Gunston Rd.”  The directions do not say which way you will turn on Gunston Rd. It’s a left.

Once you are parked, the directions say “cross Pohick Bay Drive and walk past campground road”. That means going Left on the road.
At mile 4.1, it says “stay on red trail at intersection with blue trail on L and red and blue trails on R.” To be clear, that means to continue straight ahead on the red trail.

 Hikes in the Washington Region,Part B    5th    2015    Hike 9    Fairfax County Park Authority has modified the trail network at Scotts Run Nature Preserve and produced a downloadable map. Trail maps are also posted at a couple of points in the preserve.

The Tuscarora Trail: A Guide to the North Half    5th    2013    Sections 8 and 9   The Tuscarora Trail has been closed near the south end of section 8/north end of section 9 where Forge Road crosses Little Cove Creek. The road on the southbound side of the creek is now private land and the owners do not want trespassers following the old route. No Trespassing signs have been posted. Please respect the landowners rights and follow the new blazes. Southbound hikers should leave Furnace Road at Pennsylvania route 456 and not continue across 456 to Forge Road. Turn right on route 456 and go south 0.4 miles to the first side road which is Mill Drive. Turn left and follow Mill Drive across the bridge over Little Cove Creek to where the road meets the Tuscarora Trail. Be careful to not miss the turn-off. This is just before the junction of Mill Drive, Forge Road, and Indian Springs Road. Turn right and resume following the trail southbound. Northbound hikers should stop following the Tuscarora Trail at Mill Drive just north of where the trail crosses into Pennsylvania. Turn left onto Mill Drive. This is near the junction of Mill Drive, Forge Road, and Indian Springs Road. Don't follow the latter roads. Continue on Mill Drive across the bridge over Little Cove Creek to where the road meets Pennsylvania route 456. Turn right on route 456 and go 0.4 miles north to where it meets Furnace Road and the currently blazed route. Turn left on Furnace Road and resume following the trail.

 The Tuscarora Trail: A Guide to the South Half    6th    2016    various    See attached .pdf file

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