Individual Lookup:

Select one of the search criteria from the Criteria Box. Enter the search value in the text box below. When searching on a name (Last, First), you do not need to type the entire name. For example, searching on “sheffield” will bring up a list of all members with that last name, from which you can choose the one you want. Also, the percentage symbol can be used as a wild card. For example, searching for “smith,%ic: would find both Richard Smith and Dick Smith. To search for a trail crew, select Work Crew for the search criteria, and type in crew name. The wild card symbol works here as well. For example, searching for “Blue%” would find the Blue and White Crew .

Search Criteria:
Last, First

Once your results have been returned, click on the name of the person for whom you are filing the report. Then double-click on the name to return to the Trail Worktrip Form.