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Honorary Life Memberships

PATC has established a tradition, to recognize volunteer members whose contribution to the club has been consistently outstanding over a period of several years, by awarding them Honorary Life Membership in PATC.

Those so honored include:
  • 1950: Jean Stephenson
  • 1954: William O. Douglas 
  • 1960: Alvin Peterson, Roy Sexton
  • 1961: Ruth Mersch
  • 1970: Ruth Blackburn, Fred Blackburn, Egbert Walker, Dorothy Walker, Wallace Walker, Joe Winn, Clarence Mersch
  • 1972: Alice Matthews, Charles Pryor
  • 1973: Dorothy Mason
  • 1975: Philip Stone, John Oliphant, Grant Conway, Paul Bradt, Purnie Bishop
  • 1977: Paula Strain
  • 1978: Raymond Fadner
  • 1979: Ethel Hoover
  • 1980: Bert Vos, Elizabeth Vos
  • 1982: Robert Humphrey
  • 1984: Jim Denton, Molly Denton
  • 1986: Edward Garvey, Thomas Floyd
  • 1989: Samuel Moore, Warren Sharp
  • 1991: Lyman Stucker, David Bates, Dorothy Bates
  • 1992: Harry Thompson
  • 1993: Jack Reeder
  • 1995: Charles Graf, Charles Irvin
  • 1998: Marjorie Dexter, Jean Golightly, Sandra Marra, Randall Minchew
  • 1999: Marguerite Schneeberger, George Walters, James Hiltz
  • 2000: Walter Wells, Phillip Barringer, William Ladd
  • 2001: James Stauch, Charles Gieseking, Lillian Gieseking, Lois Mansfield
  • 2002: Peter Gatje, John McCrea, Jon Rindt, Walter Smith
  • 2003: Alden Rogers, David Pierce, Philip Paschall, Christopher Brunton
  • 2004: Gerhard Salinger, Bernie Stalmann
  • 2005: Park Anderson, Kerry Snow, Carol Niedzialek
  • 2006: Karen Brown, Tom Johnson, Dave Appel
  • 2007: George Schubert
  • 2008: Fred "Hop" Long, Jane Thompson, Cliff Wiley
  • 2009: Charles Hillon, Mel Merritt, Don White
  • 2010: Steve Bair, Mary Jorgensen, Thomas Jorgensen
  • 2011: Richard Dugan, Peter Brown
  • 2012: Alvin Black, Jr., Alvin Dove, Mark Gatewood, Mark Nelson
  • 2013: Lynn Cameron, Malcolm Cameron, Dan Dueweke
  • 2014: Henry Horn, John Shannon 


Myron Avery Award

Named in honor of the founder of the PATC, the Myron Avery Award recognizes a substantial achievement by a PATC member who most exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism through his or her contribution to PATC during the past year. This is the highest honor bestowed upon members of the club and is awarded to the PATC volunteer who most exemplifies Mr. Avery's dedication and devotion to PATC's mission. The contribution can be to any type or combination of club service activities, e.g., devoting many hours above and beyond the norm to service activities, including travel time, or making an exceptional contribution to a particular project. (Members of the Executive Committee are not eligible for the award.)

1999    Charles Graf
2000    Bruce Clendaniel
2001    Frank Turk
2002    Michael Sutherland
2003    Robert W. Pickett
2004    Katherine and Jon Rindt
2005    Walter M. Smith
2006    William Steinhour
2007    Alvin S. Black, jr. and Kerry Snow
2008    Patrick A. Wilson
2009    James F. Tomlin
2010    Chris Brunton
2011    Rush Williamson
2012    Richard Rooney
2013    Brian Goudreau
2014    Pete Brown

Hawksbill Award


PATC started a new award starting in 2011… the Hawksbill Award.
Every Chapter, Crew, Section, Committee, District, and formally recognized PATC group such as Trail Patrol can designate one individual for this prestigious award each year.
At the PATC Annual Meeting in November, recipients will receive a special custom PATC award patch and a certificate.

The award, named for the highest vertical elevation (4,050 ft.) in PATC’s territory, was developed to fill the niche between the PATC Service Award (which many of our worthy volunteers receive on a regular basis) and the Myron Avery Award, our highest honor, presented to one volunteer annually.
PATC leadership recognized that many individuals go above and beyond to help their PATC group. We have given each PATC group the ability to acknowledge this high level of service by one special individual for the year.
PATC group leaders cannot name an elected PATC officer or themselves.

 2014 Hawksbill Award Winners

 Awarded by:    Winner      Awarded By:    Winner
 Yankee Clippers   -  Gary Bruner                  Wolf Trap District   -  Michael Moran
 VP Operations   -  Richard Rooney       Tuscarora South District   -  Pete Taylor
 Tuscarora North District   -  David Ziobro       Trail Patrol   -  Cindy Kelly
 Supervisor of Communications   -    Jess Murphy                       Supervisor of Activities   -    Richard Kafka
 Spooky Beavers   -  John Stacy      SNP South District   -  Beverly Carver
 SNP North District   -  David Nebhut      SNP Central BB District   -  Patrick Wilson
 President   -  Michael Wingeart      Potomac Appalachian   -  Carey Dueweke
 PHT District   -  Greg Bayens      North Chapter   -  Kathleen Seiler
 Mutton Hollow District   -  Doug Ford      Mosby District    -  Richard Weyrick
 Maryland Metro District   -  James Thompson       Maryland AT District   -  David House
 Maps   -  Jeff Monroe      Manassas Bullrunners   -  Rick Purvis
 Manassas NBP District   -  Charles Hillon      Land Management Committee   -  Jim Peterson
 Hikes Committee   -  Margaret Chapman      Headquarters   -  George Ruben
 Greater Manassas District   -   Joanne Fenninger      GPS Rangers   -  Roger Hanson
 Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania   -  Dorsey Counts      Flying McLeods   -  Mike Leo
 Facilities   -  Jeffrey Testerman      Charlottesville Chapter   -  Marit Gay
 Cabins Maintenance   -  Randy Jackson      Cabin Reservations   -  Anstr Davidson
 Blue and Grey Crew    -  Russell Muter      Blackburn   -  Chris Looney
 Bears Den   -  Glen Breining      ATC 2015   -  Jayne Mayne
 Acme Treadway Company   -  John Huennekens        

Click here to see Hawksbill Award winners from prior years

Volunteers of the Month

Nominations for this recognition are made directly to the PATC Vice President of Volunteerism, and each month, a volunteer is chosen to be recognized for his or her outstanding contribution to the mission of PATC.  Here you will find a brief list of some of our volunteers so honored.