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Volunteer Opportunities

 Volunteers are the backbone, heart, soul, mind, and muscle of PATC. With volunteer effort, PATC maintains over 1,000 miles of trails, manages 1,000 acres of land and oversees 60 cabins and shelters. Please volunteer some of your spare time...we need you!
PATC has numerous volunteer opportunities available. There is something available for just about everybody, from maintaining a section of the AT to taking cabins reservations; from helping to organize the club's archives to leading nature hikes. Some volunteer activities will allow you to enjoy solitude on your own section of trail; other activities will allow you to meet and spend time with lots of other like-minded people.
Use the menu links (left) to learn more about the variety of PATC volunteer opportunities.


Shelter Construction Crew
~ Henry Horn ~ 301/498-8254,
Weekday crew members needed to build the NEW Whiskey Hollow Shelter. Call or email for details.

Reporting Your Volunteer Hours

Accurate and timely work reporting is essential to our efforts to manage our trail system, as well as our huts, cabins, publications, and headquarters operations. Work reports allow us to determine the amount of labor required by specific tasks, and predict the need for additional volunteers. Our various partners (the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Shenandoah National Park, GW National Forest, and others) use our cumulative work reports to procure funding for their conservation efforts.

The PATC provides an on-line set of work reporting forms that make the process simple and convenient (mailed forms are also welcome). The on-line forms can be accessed via the "Volunteer Menu".  You will need to Log On to use the Trail Work Reporting form.  

New Boots

The PATC thanks the following new volunteers and current overseers taking on additional tasks:

Volunteers Appointed in December                                                                                                                               

Randolph Fishback                 White Oak/Cedar Run Link Trail
W. Charlie Miracle                  Massanutten Trail ~  Camp Roosevelt to Gap Creek Trail
Joe N. White                           Massanutten Trail ~  Camp Roosevelt to Gap Creek Trail
Ron Knipling                           Massanutten Trail ~  Gap Creek trail to Scothorn Gap
Max Alvarado                          Bull Run-Occoquan ~ Bull Run Park to Ordway
Daniel Will                               Melvin Hazen Trail ~ Connecticut Ave to Rock Creek

Volunteers Appointed in November                                                                                                                               

Larry Linebrink                        Rock Spring Hut ~ SNP Central District  

Trails DMs
Fritz Gottschall                        Co-District Manager DC
Sean Dunn                              District Manager of SNP Central BB South
Jim Tomlin                               District Manager of Maryland National Battlefield Parks

Terry Shaw                             Tuscarora /Overall Run ~ Thompson Hollow/Overall Run to Mathews Arm Trail
George Clissold                      Broad Hollow Trail
Scott Kelly                               Buck Ridge Trail
Charles Webster                     Sleepy Creek Mountain Connector Trail
Arthur Duran                           Cabin John Trail ~ Bradley Boulevard [parking] to Democracy Boulevard

Next Generation of Trail Overseer