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Potomac Appalachian Trail Club 
118 Park Street, S.E.
Vienna, VA  22180-4609
(703) 242-0315 (Voice), (703) 242-0968 (Fax)

*** Scroll down for contact info for Club staff, officers, committees, chapters and sections, and special activities ***

Cabin and Customer Service Desk

Most cabin reservations can be made online at any time.
Cabins can also be rented by calling or visiting our Headquarters (703/242-0315, 118 Park Street SE, Vienna, VA 22180) between 11:30am and 1:30pm, Monday - Friday.


 Staff Director
  Edna Baden
  703/242-0315, x-105
  email the Staff Director
 Trails Management Coordinator
  Heidi Forrest
  703/242-0315, x-107   email the Trails Coordinator
 Cabin Coordinator
  Anne Corwith
  703/242-0315, x-108
  email the Cabin Coordinator
 Sales Coordinator
  Mona Filchock
  703/242-0315, x-103
  email the Sales Coordinator
 I/T Analyst
  Kit Sheffield
  703/242-0315, x-109
  email the I/T Analyst
 Bears Den Trail Center Manager    Dana Baxter   540/554-8708

Potomac Appalachian Newsletter

 Rachel Levin
 Co-editor  Dan Pulskamp  
 Forecast Editor
 Jack Bowie
 Layout Editor
 Carey Stefano
 Co-Layout Editor  Greg Smith  

Web Site Help

 Tech Support Volunteer  
  Lee Manning  
  703/560-0960 (home)
  703/209-4856 (cell) 

Club Officers
 President   John Hedrick 
 Vice President - Operations  Lee Sheaffer
 Vice President - Volunteerism  Richard Hostelley
 Supervisor of Trails  Jon Rindt
 Supervisor of Lands  Ric Francke
 Supervisor of Marketing  Janis Stone
 Supervisor of Facilities  Mel Merritt
 Supervisor of Membership  Rick Canter
 Supervisor of Activities  Rush Williamson
 Supervisor of Communications  Alan Day
 Treasurer  Joe Lombardo
 Secretary  Tom Avey
 General Counsel  Charles Sloan

 ATC Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership   Pete Brown
 A.T. Corridor Management  Thom Lupp
 Bears Den Center  Dick Hostelley 
 Blackburn Trail Center  Lynn Olson
 Cabins Operations  Mel Merritt
 Cabins Construction and Major Repairs   VACANT (Jack Adams, Acting)
 Conservation  VACANT
 Endowment  Charlie Balch
 Grants and Donations  Susan Nelson
 Hikes  Chris Firme
 IT Committee  Lee Manning
 Land Management  Bill Downes
 Maps  Brian Goudreau
 Maryland A.T. Management  Thom Lupp and Rick Canter (co-chairs)
 Naturalist  Dan Pulskamp
 Public Affairs  Jess Murphy
 Publications  Emeline Otey
 Shelters  Henry Horn
 Trail Land Acquisition  Phil Paschall
 Trail Patrol  Chris Firme
 Tuscarora Trail  VACANT
 Archives and Library  Tom Johnson
 Cabins Reservation Volunteer Coordinator    Steve McLaughlin
 Customer Service Desks  Bill Ryan

 Charlottesville Chapter  Iva Gillet and Dan Ralston 
 North Chapter  Robert Wise
 Northern Shenandoah Valley Chapter  Brian Heflin
 Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter   Malcolm Cameron
 West Chapter  Dave Jordahl

Special Activities:
 Mountaineering  Andew Weinmann 
 Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group   Steve Weiss 
 Ski Touring Section  Robert Swennes